25 Albums You Should Hear Before the Moon Crashes into the E

This list is… well… basically exactly what the title says it is: twenty-five really good albums that I think are worth a listen, preferably sooner rather than later what with the lunar situation and all. That’s not to say this the definitive list of my favorite twenty-five albums. Not at all. There’s a lot I’m leaving off the list because I feel that they’ve already been discussed to death on MB or elsewhere, because I just don’t think I have enough to say about them to warrant a write up, or because for whatever reason they just don’t mesh with the whole Moon-crashing-into-the-Earth motif in my mind.

Anyway, on to the first entry…

25. Land of the Loops—Bundle of Joynha khoa
24. Alien Sex Fiend—Too Much Acid?chuyen nha
23. The YMD—Excuse Me, This Is The Yah Mos Def
22. Unsane—Occupational Hazard
21. Swans—Love of Life
20. Boris Kova? & LaDaABa Orchest—Ballads at the End of Time
19. Cornelius—Point
18. Harry Nilsson—The Point!
17. Sons of Otis—Spacejumbofudge
16. Lodger—Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low
15. Taj Mahal—World Music
14. Latin Playboys—s/t

The Batlord