AFTER DARK (Bunn, Starlin, Pruett, Tieri / collectif)

Aftershock annonce l’anthologie horrifique After Dark, composée de 4 histoires scénarisées par Cullen Bunn, Jim Starlin, Joe Pruett et Frank Tieri. Les dessinateurs sont Cliff Richards, Nikkol Jelenic, Szymon Kudranski et Joe Eisma. Sortie le 13 octobre.






« A prestige format ‹ One-Shock › featuring top creative talent just in time for the most horrific month of the calendar year, AfterDark is a collection of tales you’ll want to read with the lights on! » AfterShock’s official press release reads. « A disparate tale from a possible future; a chance encounter with a mythical Black-Eyed Kid, a children’s fable gone awry; and a gut-wrenching last meal at the local diner. »

" Dust to Dust is a bittersweet sort of horror tale, a story of love and loss and undying commitment, both to the fleeting time we have left on this earth, and the time we’ll have in whatever’s next," Bunn said of his story.

Meanwhile, Tieri had this to say about his own horror tale: « We did a story for the Shock anthology called Little Red Riding Hood , which was essentially the little red riding hood story as if it was told by Quentin Tarantino or Martin Scorsese. In that story, Red was a drug courier, Grandma was a drug dealer, the Wolf was a rival drug lord, ‹ Mother Goose › was a mob boss called Don Orca… anyway, you get the idea. As it turned out, it was one of the more popular stories in that book so we thought hey, what the hell, why not do more? Why not play in that whacked out universe again? And so, we got the LRRH band of Joe Eisma and Matt Herms back together for more tales that will ruin your childhood. »

Tieri, Eisma and Herms’ AfterDark story is titled Along Came A Spider , with Tieri describing it as « yet another f#%&ed up twist on a classic fairy tale. In this one, we pick up with a certain Detective Muffet who’s on the trail of an elusive and deadly serial killer called The Spider. Needless to say, it’s very dark. It’s very creepy. It’s going to lead to some nightmares. And it might lead to even more than that, so stay tuned. »

Meanwhile, Thanos co-creator Starlin simply calls his horror story « a tale of catastrophic generational dissatisfaction set in a dystopian future. Lots of laughs. »

Finally, Pruett and Kudranski’s story is actually a standalone tale set in the world of their AfterShock title Black-Eyed Kids . « We will see some familiar faces in the new story, but you do not have to have been a reader of the series to enjoy it, » said Pruett. « It’s new reader friendly. »