A travers le recueil Alice in Comicland, l’éditeur IDW Publishing compile une vingtaine de comics inspirés par l’univers de Lewis Carroll. On retrouve par exemple le « Archie au Pays des Merveilles » de Dan DeCarlo, « Superman: une Alice au Pays des Merveilles Moderne » de Jerry Siegel et Joe Shuster, « Alice au pays des Terreurs » de Alex Toth, ou encore l’adaptation Mad par Harvey Kurtzman et Jack Davis.

Written and art by: Charles Schulz, Walt Kelly, Alex Toth, Dan DeCarlo, George Carlson, Harvey Kurtzman, Jack Davis, Dave Berg, R. F. Outcault.
Cover by: John Tennie.
Description: You’ll be astonished to see Alice gruesomely starring in the banned horror comic book stories of the 1950s, as the basis of a romance comic, riding on a flying saucer, meeting Santa Claus, as a teeny-bopper, hanging out with famous comic characters…
The fascinating – sometimes bizarre – comics, the rare original art, a special introduction by Mark Burstein, president of Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and a revealing foreword by award-winning comics historian Craig Yoe make this book truly a wonder! Alice in Comicland will leave you grinning like the Cheshire cat!
Pages: 168.
Price: $29.99.
In stores: April 30. [/quote]

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