AMNIA CYCLE OP (Dustin Weaver)

Le dessinateur Dustin Weaver (Infinity) a présenté sur son blog les douze premières pages du comics digital Amnia Cycle OP (un anagramme de “Airplane Comic”) qu’il a entièrement réalisé lors du voyage en avion à destination du Comic Con de Paris.

Amnia Cycle OP suit la pilote Tara qui, lors d’une mission de reconnaissance, fait la rencontre de l’extraterrestre Amnia. De l’aveu de l’auteur, Amnia Cycle sert d’entrainement pour Sagittarius A+, un autre web-comics “en mouvement”* qui devrait débuter en fin d’année 2013.

[quote=“Dustin Weaver”]Page 12 was the last page I was able to draw on my flight home from the Paris Comic Con’. Those 12 pages were created very quickly and without any planning. I was flying by the seat of my pants, seeing how much I could get done.

I knew that I wanted to continue the story but the urgency of creating against the clock while trapped on a plane was gone. I had to really look at what I had done and figure out what it was and where it was going.

I came away with a good idea of how I would proceed.

Page 13 is the first page in this new phase.

I’m still drawing it very quickly and I’m still making it up as I go along, but there is a guiding idea behind it. And there is an ultimate point to it. Like I said in a past entry, I’m thinking this will come out to be around 100 pages.

Join me next week for more.[/quote]

[size=200]LIRE AMNIA CYCLE OP - PAGE 1-11[/size]

[size=200]LIRE AMNIA CYCLE OP - PAGE 12-13[/size]

Le blog de Dustin Weaver:

[size=85]*Dans la veine de certaines histoires présentées par Tom Scioli.[/size]