AQUAMEN #1 (Chuck Brown, Brandon Thomas / Sami Basri)

DC réunit Arthur Curry et Jackson Hyde dans la nouvelle série Aquamen. Par Chuck Brown (Black Manta), Brandon Thomas (Aquaman : The Becoming) et Sami Basri (Harley Quinn).
Le #1 sortira en février.

« When a suicide bomber in Middle America is revealed as an Atlantean sleeper agent seemingly gone rogue, the Aquamen – Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde – are on the case. But it soon becomes clear that the tragedy was not just a single bad actor, but the beginnings of a much larger and more dangerous chain reaction… and the heart of an explosive Atlantean conspiracy! If Arthur’s not careful, the secrets he’s keeping – from Mera, Tula, Tempest, Atlantis, the surface and even Jackson – could cause a rift from which the Aquamen might never recover! »





Le pitch n’a aucune originalité, mais ça peut être joli.