ATHENA IX #1 (Ryan Cady / Phillip Sevy)

En continuité de la série XIth Generation, l’éditeur Top Cow proposera, à partir de juillet, plusieurs one-shots consacrés à la famille d’Aphrodite. Le scénariste Ryan Cady et le dessinateur Phillip Sevy se concentreront sur Athena IX.

[quote]Athena IX #1
Story by Ryan Cady
Art by Phillip Sevy
Colors by Jeremy Colwell
Letters by Troy Peteri
Cover by Phillip Sevy, Jeremy Colwell, Atilio Rojo
Publisher Top Cow Productions
Release Date Jul 1st, 2015
FROM THE PAGES OF IXTH GENERATION COMES A ONE SHOT SPECIAL EVENT! Ever the didact, Athena IX specializes in cruel, calculating instruction, manipulating her siblings and supplicants with the intellectual upper hand. But this is the Chairwoman’s future, not hers, and some lessons must be taught more harshly than others.[/quote]

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