BARBARELLA #1 (Sarah Hoyt / Madibek Musakbekov)

Dynamite annonce une nouvelle série Barbarella, par la romancière Sarah Hoyt et le dessinateur Madibek Musakbekov.

"Barbarella sets out on a mission filled with danger, duplicity, and a dose of romance as she travels through multiple inventive sci-fi locales. Fans of the character and genre can expect deep dives on questions of class, romance, sexuality and more in the classic Barbarella style.

"Traveling from planet to planet, the tale starts in Camelot, home to the rich and powerful class seeking escape from a crowded and decaying galactic empire. Intercepting desperate transmissions from the underclass, Barbarella sets off to investigate, unravelling a string of secrets. Along the way she will visit the underwater world of Encantado, the carnival-like Rio, and even more. All painstakingly designed by Musabekov.

« On her escapade, Barbarella is joined by two fun new characters that readers will love to meet. Her shiny new ship comes packed with an advanced A.I. named Taln, and their relationship may be more complicated than it seems… While Vyx is her new fennec fox-like talking pet. Who may have a few twists of her own… »

« Writing the Barbarella stories was more fun than is probably legal in most states, » said Hoyt, who has written 34 novels. « The work of learning a new format was overshadowed by the fun of being able to think big and play with someone else’s no-holds-barred character. I’ve also loved the art I’ve seen so far from Madibek. »

La couverture variante par Brian Bolland :