BATMAN #125 (Chip Zdarsky / Jorge Jiménez)

Et Jiménez continue à progresser.


Le mec, c’est un patron depuis le début. Je lisais Earth-2 rien que son dessin plus cartoony.

Il a beaucoup évolué depuis Batman, c’est vrai.

Mais c’était déjà énorme, je suis d’accord.


First, what gives you the right to be writing Batman and Daredevil at the same time? You think you’re Frank Miller or something?

Look, if you’re referring to the brief identity fraud so I could steal some of his Batman millions, then, yes, I do think I’m Frank Miller or something.

How thematically connected is Batman: The Knight to your Batman run? Will reading The Knight provide more insight into your Batman intentions?

Uh, the Sales team is looking over at me and nodding their heads furiously. Oh my god…does one of them have a gun?!

There are definitely thematic throughlines from The Knight to Batman . In The Knight , Bruce is full of youthful hubris. In Batman , that youthful hubris catches up to him. In The Knight he’s worried about failing because he doesn’t know enough. In Batman , he’s worried about failing because he knows enough now to see it coming.

It’s actually been really nice being able to explore both time periods almost simultaneously. It’s helped me get inside Bruce’s head a lot more effectively. (I hope!)