BATMAN - ONE BAD DAY : MR FREEZE (Gerry Duggan / Matteo Scalera)

Written by: Gerry Duggan.

Art by: Matteo Scalera.

Covers by: Matteo Scalera, Jim Lee, Boo Sweeney, Cully Hamner, Brian Bolland, Giuseppe Camuncoli.

Description: Going back to the Dark Knight’s early days in Gotham City: Batman and Robin, Dick Grayson, face down the coldest winter Gotham City has ever seen. A winter so cold that Mr. Freeze, Victor Fries, no longer needs his containment suit to survive; he is in an element where he can thrive. Robin empathizes with Mr. Freeze, all Freeze wants to do is save his wife, Nora – but Batman warns Robin not to give his empathy to Victor Fries. He’s a man who decided his own fate a long time ago and he deserves none of our warmth. And this winter… he will show his true wickedness and power.

Pages: 64.

Price: $7.99.

Available: November 15.