BETTER CALL SAUL (Saisons 1-6)

Ah, cool.

Juste à temps pour l’apparition de ce duo dans l’épisode diffusé lundi (intitulé « Breaking Bad »).

Faut que je mate cette série. J’avais tellement aimé Breaking Bad.

You’ve always been quick to give credit to others on your production staff. Outside the business, one doesn’t often hear about this collective effort.

"This auteur theory that the French gave us, God bless them, was always bullshit. There’s this romantic notion that there’s only one director or showrunner behind every great movie or TV show, but that’s just not the case. I suppose it’s theoretically possible, but only on the smallest independent movie. Even then, if you’ve got a camera person and a sound recordist and actors, you’re not doing it all yourself. The auteur theory, it just doesn’t hold a lot of water. It doesn’t stand up in court.

It really took a village to make both of these shows. I know Peter Gould would agree. Editors, directors of photography, actors, hair and makeup, the caterers who feed us, the list goes on and on."