Betty boop (?)

Po-Po-Pi-Doo !

Pour inaugurer sa nouvelle collection de titres consacrés à des jeunes lecteurs, l’éditeur Dynamite lancera, dans le courant de l’année, une série sur la célèbre pin-up animée Betty Boop qui fut créée au début des années 30 par les studios Fleisher.

[quote]Dynamite Entertainment is teaming with Fleischer Studios and licensing agent King Features Studios to bring a little bit of classic animation to the printed page with an all-new “Betty Boop” comic book series.

“Betty Boop is timeless, like Superman, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, or Louis Armstrong,” Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci said in a press release. “She’s a fixture of American culture, with such a wide appeal that her image can be found anywhere from a young child’s wardrobe to the toughest biker’s tattoos. Every generation over the past 85 years has embraced her charm and personality.”

The first in the comic book publisher’s new line of all-ages titles, “Betty Boop” brings the “first female animated star” to the comic page for the first time in over 20 years. Created by Max Fleischer and voiced by Mae Questel, the character debuted in 1930 and starred in more than 100 cartoons and appeared in numerous movies, television specials and commercials and features on countless pieces of merchandise to this day. Her distinctive voice and figure made her a pop cultural icon lasting for generation.

“Personally, I can recall her appearance in the 1988 film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ as the defining moment in which I first fell in love with the character,” Barrucci said. “We hope that Dynamite’s upcoming line of original Betty Boop comic books and graphic novels will serve as the defining moment for a whole new generation of ‘Boopers.’”

No time frame has yet been announced for the debut of the new “Betty Boop” series. [/quote]

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