BIG FISH & BEGONIA (Xuan Liang & Chun Zhang)




Xuan Liang, Chun Zhang


Xuan Liang, Seth Be


Shih-Chieh Chin, Guanlin Ji, Guangtao Jiang


Long métrage chinois
Titre original : Da Hai
Genre : animation
Durée : 1h43
Année de production : 2016


It is a world within our world, yet unseen by any human, and the beings here control time and tide and the changing of the seasons. On the day Chun turns sixteen, she is transformed into a dolphin to explore the human world. She is rescued from a vortex by a human boy at the cost of his own life. Chun is so moved by the boy’s kindness and courage that she decides to give him life again. But to do this, she must protect the boy’s soul, a tiny fish, and nurture it to grow. Through adventure and sacrifice, love grows, yet now she must release him back to the sea, back to life in the human world.[/quote]

La bande-annonce:

Big fish & begonia fait partie de la sélection officielle du 7ème festival du film chinois en France qui se déroulera du 15 mai au 27 juin 2017.