Annoncé en 2006, le projet du scénariste Paul Dini réunissant Black Canary et Zatanna a pris du plomb dans l’aile lorsque le couple de dessinateurs Amanda Conner/Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn) s’est engagé sur la série Power Girl. A défaut de pouvoir mener le projet à terme, Paul Dini, alors scénariste de “Batman: Streets of Gotham”, reprend la série régulière Zatanna en main en attendant son heure.

Le scénariste ressuscite finalement le projet en 2012 avec Joe Quinones, alors dessinateur d’une histoire de Green Lantern pour l’hebdomadaire “Wednesday Comics”. Mais le projet est de nouveau mis en hiatus tandis que les bureaux de DC Comics se préparent pour la réinitialisation de leur univers avec le célèbre “New 52”.

La troisième tentative sera la bonne. L’éditeur DC Comics a confirmé au site Comicsalliance la sortie en mai prochain du “Roman Graphique” de 94 pages Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodshed. L’histoire se concentre sur la première rencontre entre une jeune Dinah Lance, a.k.a. Black Canary, et la fille du grand magicien Giovanni Zatara, Zatanna, qui se retrouvent maudites par une défunte ennemie.

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[quote=“Paul Dini”]The graphic novel really is an exploration of that friendship and how these two diverse personalities interact. In some way, this goes back to a panel or two of Brad Meltzer’s “Identity Crisis.” The two of them are on stakeout on a rooftop, and they’re just sort of talking a little bit about what’s going on with Ralph and everything and I thought, “You never really see superheroines making that much small talk together.” I guess in certain books you do, but it’s not the norm.

I thought those two characters had an interesting dynamic, and I wanted to play with that a little bit. Some of what we see in the story is a bit apocryphal. I go back and restructure or reinvent things or kind of deal with things that were never said before but are certainly plausible given the history of the characters. Some people will read that and say, “Hey, wait a minute. I don’t think that ever happened like that or ever happened at all.” But when they read the book, they’ll say, “Oh. That kind of made sense.” If I’ve done my job correctly, I’ve added things that, once people read them, they will think they will have always been there. [/quote]


[quote=“Joe Quinones”] I believe I was first introduced to Zatanna’s character (or “Zanna”) from her eponymous episode of “Batman: The Animated Series,” written by Paul. I fell in love with her character then, and eventually sought her out in comics as well, most recently reading her 2009 then-ongoing series, again written by Mr. Dini, with art by the very talented Stéphane Roux.

As for Canary, my first introduction to her was probably in an Alex Toth one-shot I’d tracked down, which featured a story about Dinah. My fandom was cemented however when I saw her appearance in “Batgirl: Year One,” then turned up to eleven when I watched her episodes of “Justice League Unlimited.”[/quote]