En octobre, l’éditeur Image Comics publiera un recueil compilant les trois web-comics (The Grave-Diggers Union, The Seed et Circus Day) de l’artiste Wes Craig (Deadly Class) parus sur son blog Black Hand.

[quote]Black Hand Comics TPB
Story by Wes Craig
Art by Wes Craig
Cover by Wes Craig
Publisher Image Comics
Cover Price: $19.99
Release Date Wed, October 1st, 2014
For the first time, Wes Craig’s BLACKHAND COMICS will be published in print, in a hardcover edition in October from Image Comics. This trio of tales exploring the fringes of society, the weird, and the macabre, previously published as webcomics, are written and drawn by Craig, artist and co-creator of DEADLY CLASS.
“The Gravediggers’ Union” tells the secrets of the men who work a job no one else wants. Sure, they dig graves, but there’s a lot more to their duties than backhoes and shovels…. Most importantly: to make sure the dead stay buried!
It’s ultimate freedom on the midway in “Circus Day,” as a brother and sister sneak off to take in the sights. The young boy is desperate to get into the freakshow, but what he could find there may make him change his mind!
“The Seed” is a tale of terror, of dark forces that pursue a man who once embraced the power they gave him.
“Blackhand Comics is my baby. My weird, sinister, freakshow baby…” said Craig. “I’d like to think the stories inside make you feel like you’re reading an old EC comic in a jazz club, and you’ve just been slipped some psychotropic drugs."
BLACKHAND COMICS will be in comic book stores on October 1 and bookstores on October 14, perfect for setting a creepy tone for Halloween. It is available for pre-order now.[/quote]

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[quote=“Wes Craig”]I just really like short stories, I love old EC Comics, The Twilight Zone, old pulps like Black Mask, doing my weird take on that kind of stuff has been a big part of it.

But also it’s a lot easier to do short stories because Deadly Class demands most of my time. I have a hard time doing long works when I can only do three, four, five pages of it per month. Some people can do that, but my brain doesn’t work that way.

Short stories work best for me right now- but… I do have an idea in mind that’ll combine short stories and something long-form in an interesting way. It’ll all be set in one town with recurring characters, similar to Stray Bullets or Love & Rockets. That’s what I’m working on now, like as soon as I finish writing these answers…[/quote]