En parallèle à la réédition de la mini-série Blackjack: Second Bite of the Cobra chez les éditions Dover Book, l’écrivain Alex Simmons travaille avec Tim Fielder sur un nouvelle anthologie intitulée There Came a Dark Hunter. Elle compile trois nouvelles aventures du mercenaire Arron Day co-créé en 1996 par le dessinateur Joe Bennett.

D’autres travaux sur Blackjack, en prose et en comics, sont en préparations. Notamment un sur lequel Simmons collabore directement avec son jeune fils. En parallèle, Simmons est le fondateur et le directeur de la Convention Comic pour les Enfants depuis plus de neuf ans.

[quote]I created the character in the mid-to-late eighties. I was very enthusiastic about the concept. People say, “Oh, you created a black Indiana Jones.” In terms of marketing, you can look at it that way, but I grew up watching all the old film serials on television. Those globetrotting adventures made me want to get out and see the world, have adventures. As you get older, you recognize that whenever blacks were in the shows – if they were ever in the shows or films – we were coachmen, butlers, railroad porters, slaves. Or sometimes if you really wanted to experience excruciating cinema pain, we were the bug-eyed natives that were running from Tarzan, or Ramar was shooting at. We seldom ever had heroic moments or led the charge. I wanted to do an adventure series where the character looked like me. I could really envision this having a global audience.

I didn’t approach it as, I’ve got to do this story about a black man just for black people. That was going to be obvious. I wanted to do this project so that it reached all kinds of audiences. It’s good to empower my people, absolutely, but people who are not like us need to know us. They need to know that there is a wide diaspora of who we are, what we’ve done, where we’ve been – much of which has been eliminated from history or entertainment either due to racially motivated negative attitudes or simply because folks didn’t know. [/quote]


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