BLADE RUNNER 2039 #1 (Mike Johnson / Andres Guinaldo)

Le scénariste Mike Johnson et le dessinateur Andres Guinaldo raconteront le chapitre final de l’histoire de la Blade Runner Aahna « Ash » Ashina dans une nouvelle maxi-série en 12 épisodes intitulée Blade Runner 2039.

Début de la publication en décembre.

According to Titan, the series is set three years after Niander Wallace Jr. (played by Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049) introduced a brand of « perfectly obedient » Replicants that helped lift the ban on synthetic humans, but older Tyrell Corp’s Nexus 8 units are still hunted by Blade Runners.

Cleo Selwyn, introduced as a small child in Blade Runner 2019, returns to L.A. 20 years later searching for Isobel, a Replicant copy of her real mother who died when Cleo was three. Believing Niander Wallace is holding Isobel captive, the only person she can look for help from is ‹ Ash’, › a now aging and disgraced former Blade Runner.

« This new series marks both the continuation as well as the conclusion of Ash’s story, which started in Blade Runner 2019*.* It’s going to be the most dramatic of the series, and that’s saying a lot after what went down in Blade Runner 2029! » says Titan Comics senior creative editor David Leach in the announcement.

Théoriquement, elle ne devrait pas avoir le dos courbé.