BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1-4 (Jeff Lemire / Doug Braithwaite)

Nageant entre deux eaux car n’étant pas tout à fait une série sur une nouvelle propriété ni la réactualisation d’une ancienne, la mini-série Bloodshot U.S.A. confine à la saga évènementielle.

Elle raconte ce qui arrive lorsque le “virus Bloodshot” - développé par le Projet Rising Spirit pour transformer n’importe quel Homme en soldat indestructible - est lâché sur la population de la plus grande ville d’Amérique : New York.

Bien entendu, on retrouve aux manettes le scénariste Jeff Lemire (Bloodshot Reborn), aidé par nul autre que le dessinateur Doug Braithwaite (actuellement à l’œuvre sur Ninjak).

Cette mini-série en quatre chapitres débute en octobre.

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Voici six planches de Bloodshot U.S.A. #1 par Doug Braithwaite ainsi que les couvertures alternatives par Braithwaite encore, Dave Johnson, Ryan Stegman, et Cully Hamner :

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Voici quelques pages en couleur et lettrées de Bloodshot U.S.A. #1 :

[quote] I originally set out with a 25-issue plan for “Bloodshot,” so I feel like this is the last act of what I had originally set out to do. But I still love Ray and his world, and still feel very connected to him.

I can’t yet say what the future will bring. Right now I’m writing a lot of books. Probably too many. So when I get through to the other side of “Bloodshot U.S.A” and the “Inhumans vs X-Men” event at Marvel, I will step back and take a long look at my schedule and at what I want to do and where I want to go – and go from there. [/quote]


Voici les premières planches de Bloodshot U.S.A. #2 :

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[quote]Bloodshot USA #2

Story by
Jeff Lemire
Art by
Doug Braithwaite
Cover by
Dave Johnson, Doug Braithwaite, and Stephen Segovia
Valiant Entertainment


There are more than eight million people in New York City. And every single one of them just became Bloodshot.

With the flip of a switch, Project Rising Spirit has just infected every man, woman, and child in New York City with a designer “nanite virus,” instantly transforming them into hard-coded killing machines.

Now, block by block, the citizens of America’s greatest metropolis are falling prey to their own destructive urges…and Bloodshot is the only soldier tough enough to go head-to-head with the entire Big Apple gone bad! With the humanity of an entire city on the line, Bloodshot is waging a one-man assault on Manhattan to root out the source of this machine-made infection before it hits the heartland… but will bullets and brute force be enough to stop the spread of a pandemic deadlier than anything in human history?[/quote]

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Si l’on en croit le résumé du numéro spécial que Valiant proposera pour le Free Comic Book Day, le scénariste Jeff Lemire planche sur une nouvelle série Bloodshot intitulée Salvation.

[quote]BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #4

Written by: Jeff Lemire.

Art by: Doug Braithwaite.

Covers by: Doug Braithwaite, Clayton Henry, Dave Johnson, Adam Pollina, Mico Suayan.

Description: A weaponized virus has turned New York into a war zone, and Bloodshot is about to make his last stand for the heart and soul of every man and woman brutalized by the effects of a nanite-enhanced plague! But just when his one-man invasion of the Big Apple seems lost, the hard-coded weapon of mass destruction called Deathmate will re-appear to save the day – and secure Project Rising Spirit’s spot as the saviors of New York! Will her programming win out or will the woman inside the machine seek the vengeance for which she has long yearned? In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty, a new war will soon be fought, and all of America is about to bear witness!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Jan. 25.[/quote]

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