BLUE BOOK (James Tynion IV / Michael Avon Oeming)

James Tynion IV reconstituera des histoires de rencontres avec des OVNI basées sur des témoignages réels dans sa première série pour la plateforme Substack, Blue Book.

La partie graphique a été confiée à Michael Avon Oeming (Powers). Le #1 sera mis en ligne en septembre.




« While researching The Department of Truth , I found myself reading more and more about the strange histories of the world, » Tynion said. « The stories of people who have encountered what they can’t explain and then have to grapple with what they may or may not have seen. And reading those stories I kept having the same thought, over and over – ‹ This would make a really good comic book. › With Blue Book , I wanted to dig deeper into what I consider to be a strange cousin of the True Crime genre… Something I like to call True Weird. How do people tell the story of encountering something that defies all logic, and all the rules they’ve come to know about the world? What do those stories say about all of us? I couldn’t be more excited about exploring all of that with Michael. »

Y a un air de famille avec la série traduite par Jim chez Delcourt.