BLUE MONDAY: THIEVES LIKE US (Chynna Clugston Flores)

*Le sexe est dans l’air cet été. Tout est de la faute de Bleu. Du moins, le croit-elle. Peut-être est-il temps pour elle de mettre le grappin sur le professeur d’histoire Mr. Bishop une bonne fois pour toute.
Quelles manigances Bleu va-te-elle mettre à exécution pour arriver à ses fins ? *

La passionnée de Buster Keaton, Bleu L. Finnegan, et ses amis Clover, Victor & Alan, de Fresburger, héros de la série Blue Monday, versions acidulées d’Archie imaginées par l’artiste Chynna Clugston Flores au début des années 2000, seront de retour chez Image Comics à travers une nouvelle série baptisée Blue Monday: Thieves Like Us.

En parallèle, Image compilera l’intégrale des mini-séries parues précédemment chez Oni Press dans le recueil Blue Monday: Germfree Adolescents.

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[quote]I think the majority of the stories are relatable on some level. Take a look at the Andy Hardy movie series with Mickey Rooney, or the original Bob Montana Archie Comics – both were active in the '40s, and both have recurring themes that are just as relevant today. Obviously, a lot of attitudes change, too, but we’re still fighting against so-called « traditional » gender roles and social pressure, which always seems amplified in your teens. Regardless of what era it is, though, there’s always going to be the pursuit of fun, love and acceptance among peers in the world of the teenager. Navigating hormones while being restricted to someone else’s rules and standard of conduct is no easy feat and that’s been an issue since time immemorial, too.

For « Blue Monday, » I think it differs a bit by way of dialogue, which I try to make as accurate as possible for that age group in the early 1990s, and the particular things that the kids are interested in, music and so on. I think the only thing that tends to change in slice of life stories are the fashions, tech and music of the time. The nice thing with « Blue Monday » is that you really don’t need to know the music or all the pop culture references in order to get it, and hey, you might discover something you might really love in the process. [/quote]