L’extraordinaire artiste Brian Froud (qui aura enchanté la jeunesse de plus d’un en participant à des films comme Dark Crystal ou Labyrinth) sort une nouvelle encyclopédie de créature féériques chez Abrams Books.

Le livre est disponible depuis le 12 septembre dernier au prix de 30 euro.

[quote]When I’m painting them, I’m not aware of what they want or what their message is [laughs]. My duty as an artist is to be accurate and real in their portrayal. But it’s great fun to be working with Wendy, who has a great way of interpreting what I’m doing.

She has the ear, so to speak, a way of listening to what they are saying. Which is great, because it means what we’re doing is alive. I’m very keen in doing things – especially about faeries – that don’t feel made up. I want things to feel real.

And the way we put the book together – it’s an emotional journey. We’re taking people deeper and deeper into faerie tales with this.[/quote]


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