BROK WINDSOR (Jon Stables)

Après Nelvana of the Northern Lights, Hope Nicholson et sa partenaire Rachel Richey s’attaquent à la restauration d’une autre icône de la culture populaire canadienne, le héros Brok Windsor de Jon Stables publié entre 1944 et 1946 par Maple Leaf Publishing, via la plateforme de financement Kickstarter.

Pour une donation de 10$, les payeurs reçoivent une version PDF et la version imprimée pour 30$ (plus frais de port hors Canada).

[quote=« Hope Nicholson »]Brok Windsor is a strange character. He draws comparisons to Flash Gordon, Tarzan, John Carter, but not perfectly. In the end I say Brok Windsor is Brok Windsor, there is no perfect comparison to what he is. There’s an adventure side to him, with him wrestling bears and going on dangerous missions to far-away countries. There’s a sci-fi side as he encounters an advanced aboriginal community hidden in the wilds of Canada with rayguns and flying cars. And there is a strong fantasy element as well; the magical mists that transform him into a giant, and his friend’s Starra’s grandmother — a ghost!

He is a typical strong-jawed, brilliant, action-adventure hero. He’s a medical doctor by trade, an outdoorsman by hobby, and a hero by circumstance. But he can’t realize his friend Starra is in love with him. Strong, clever, but also oblivious in certain ways.[/quote]

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