Buffy: the high school years - freeks & geeks

L’éditeur Dark Horse a confié la conception d’un roman graphique sur les jeunes années de Buffy, la Tueuse de Vampires, revenant aux origines de la série, à la scénariste Faith Erin Hicks et à l’artiste Yishan Li.

Le créateur Joss Whedon est consultant de cette histoire intitulée Buffy: The High School Years - Freeks and Geeks. Elle paraitra en 2016 avec une couverture de Scott Fischer.

[quote]“I’ve been thinking of this comic as as a lost episode of the TV show from early in season 1,” Hicks told The Mary Sue. "It’s a fun story from early in Buffy’s Slayer life, when things were a little less complicated. Buffy’s in high school, recently moved to Sunnydale, she’d adjusting to her new life as the Slayer. She’s met Angel, but hasn’t yet dealt with all that drama. Buffy’s still tough and badass, but less experienced, and she makes mistakes because of that inexperience. I hope the comic will be for both new and old fans of Buffy. More seasoned fans will hopefully get a kick out of a brand new story from Buffy’s high school years, and because it’s not continuity heavy, a new fan with only a passing knowledge of the show could pick it up and enjoy a stand alone Slayer adventure.

“For me it’s a chance to get back to the core of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Hicks continued. " The excitement of seeing a superpowered teenage girl kicking all kinds of supernatural ass."[/quote]


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