CAPTAIN AMERICA: SENTINEL OF LIBERTY #1 (Jackson Lanzing, Colin Kelly / Carmen Carnero)

Jackson Lanzing: "So, this presents an awesome opportunity to let Steve figure out what it means to be Steve Rogers and Captain America simultaneously in his own way. What happens when he’s no longer burdened with the day-to-day of going out into the world and constantly being Captain America out there ? What does it mean to be Captain America at home ? What does it mean to be Captain America in a place where he can build a community ?

We’re looking back at runs that meant a lot to us like the Mark Waid-Ron Garney run, which did such a wonderful job of establishing a home, a place, and a cast that belonged to Steve Rogers. It wasn’t a Captain America cast. It was a Steve Rogers cast. That’s something that we’re looking to do in this new era for Cap."

Lanzing: « It was a big thing for us to come on to Captain America and decide we weren’t going to do another Crossbones or Red Skull story. I think some of the best stories you can tell with those characters have been told. So, we’re going to bring in a new supporting cast and new villains. We’re going to bring in a new context for the shield and Steve’s legacy. »



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