En fin d’année, Chris Claremont fêtera ses 70 ans…ainsi que 5 décennies chez Marvel où il débuta en tant qu’assistant/garçon de courses.

Pour l’occasion, Marvel publiera en décembre le Chris Claremont Anniversary Special, avec une histoire inédite centrée sur Dani Moonstar, écrite par Claremont et illustrée par plusieurs dessinateurs, dont Brett Booth et Bill Sienkiewicz.

In the CHRIS CLAREMONT ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, the acclaimed writer returns to the world of the X-Men with a brand-new story. Dani Moonstar is drafted for a mission across time and space for an incredible psychic showdown against the Shadow King—joining forces with other characters created and defined by the pen of Chris Claremont! In this extra-sized milestone issue, Claremont will team up with a host of iconic artists including Brett Booth and reunite with his classic NEW MUTANTS collaborator, Bill Sienkiewicz.

C.B. Cebulski :

« UNCANNY X-MEN was where it all began for me as a young fan, and it’s an honor for everyone here at Marvel to celebrate Chris Claremont’s 50th Anniversary as a writer with us! In this special, Chris masterfully weaves an all-new story that takes us down memory lane and revisits many of the fan-favorite characters he’s helped create over the years, re-teaming him with some of the classic artists he’s collaborated with. With a few surprises along the way! »

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