CIVIL WAR II : THE OATH #1 (Nick Spencer / Rod Reis)

Le scénariste Nick Spencer conclura la saga Civil War II avec un numéro spécial intitulé The Oath. Il collaborera pour l’occasion avec le dessinateur Rod Reis.

Lors de la première Civil War en 2007, c’est Bendis lui-même qui s’était chargé de conclure avec un numéro spécial The Confession illustré par Alex Maleev. Les deux chefs des camps opposés tentaient vainement de raisonner l’autre tout en expliquant leurs points de vue.

La couverture est signée Jeff Dekal.

Civil War II : the Oath sort en octobre.

Le site de l’éditeur :

[quote]What I would say about that is, while everybody gets that the Hydra story we’re doing right now is very big and very high profile, I still don’t think that most of the audience quite grasps how big it’s going to get. I think by the time « The Oath » ends, you’ll have a much stronger sense of what you’re looking at. A lot of folks will realize the magnitude of what we’ve done here for the first time. It will definitely have a transformative effect on the Marvel Universe coming out of « Civil War II. » That’s definitely not an overstatement. It will have very severe, very drastic repercussions for where the entire line goes, moving forward.

I have to be careful about what I say here, because, obviously, we’re only at the midway point of « Civil War II. » What I believe I can say, based on what you’ve seen so far is, we’re looking very much at a Marvel Universe that’s divided and is very much at a low point. These are, really, our heroes in their darkest hours. For Steve, given his current alignment and his current situation, this represents a great opportunity, and he’s going to seize the moment in a major way.[/quote]


Plantage de graines pour l’event 2017 ?

Voici la couverture variante réalisée par Rafael Albuquerque :

NICK SPENCER (W) • Rod Reis (A)
The epilogue to the blockbuster event CIVIL WAR II!
• In the aftermath of war, Tony Stark and Carol Danvers both turn to the one person they can trust…Steve Rogers, Captain America.
• Uh-oh…
40 PGS./ one-shot /Rated T+ …$4.99[/quote]

Voici les premières pages :

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Written by: Nick Spencer.

Art by: Rod Reis.

Covers by: Jeff Dekal, Rafael Albuquerque.

Description: The epilogue to the blockbuster event! Pick up the pieces left behind after Iron Man and Captain Marvel’s epic clash! As the Marvel Universe comes together in the aftermath of war, Carol Danvers turns to the one person she knows she can trust – Steve Rogers. Only…Steve might not be as trustworthy as she though. How has Captain America influenced the Civil War for his own gains? Was this the end of his plans, or was it just the beginning?

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Jan. 25. [/quote]

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