CLOBBERIN' TIME #1-5 (Steve Skroce)

Autrement dit : « Ça va chauffer ! »

Steve Skroce (Matrix, Post Americana, Gambit) va faire son retour chez Marvel, pas seulement pour des couvertures cette fois, puisqu’il va à la fois se charger du scénario et du dessin (à l’instar de ce qu’il avait pu faire sur une des aventures au Japon de Wolverine à la fin des 90’s) d’une mini-série reprenant le principe de Marvel Two-In-One (les team-up de Ben Grimm avec divers super-héros).

Steve Skroce : "Ben and the Hulk, Logan, Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer will face hordes of prototype DEVIANT monsters, robots, undulating, plasma spewing, flesh lummoxes, wizards, and Tuvah Tu, the banished Watcher and Uatu’s estranged brother. Ben will also have to experience having his rocky hide pulled right off his soft under flesh.

We’re introducing a new villain called OGDU FRAIZE: the PSYCHOPOMP. He’s a human from an unseen distant future of the Marvel Universe Earth. The heroes and villains are long gone, humanity lives in massive, domed cities, the lucky ones anyway, others survive in the futuristic wasteland. Savage gangs and blood cults rule and many worship the old superheroes like ancient gods.

Ogdu was raised by and survived such a cult, he’ll tell you he’s « the most intelligent man to ever exist » and he has an ax to grind with the heroes who’ve left behind his brutal world of haves and have nots."

Oh mais c’est bon ça.

Ca peut rappeler de bons souvenirs.

Ça a l’air très con, mais rigolo.


Une sorte d’hommage à la version de Wrightson ?

C’est ce que je sous-entends, ouais.

Pas fan je préfère le Skroce d’il y a 30 ans.

Il ne s est pas remis de sa lecture de hard boiled.

Pareil, son Spider-man entre autres avait la classe

(W) Steve Skroce (A/CA) Steve Skroce

It’s Clobberin’ Time all the time, as Ben Grimm teams up with heroes from across the Marvel Universe for BIG, FIST-POUNDING ACTION! But the stakes have never been higher! In this opening issue, Ben and the Incredible Hulk are stranded on a distant, ancient, alien world, where the duo must protect an ancient people against legions of Deviant hordes and ultimately face the wrath of a Celestial. Luckily, they have four fists between them!

In Shops: Mar 29, 2023

SRP: $3.99

Y a des évolutions qui ne sont pas très compréhensible.


The THING travels to Krakoa for a symposium on the Mutant and Superhuman Interconnection. While there, he teams up with Wolverine and is confronted by the mysterious plunderer from issue #1—and the table is set for a battle for all creation and possibly Ben Grimm’s greatest adventure.


  • Writer: Steve Skroce
  • Artist: Steve Skroce
  • Colorist: Bryan Valenza
  • Letterer: Joe Sabino
  • Designer: Carlos Lao
  • Cover Artists: Steve Skroce & Dean White
  • Variant Cover Artists: Leonardo Romero
  • Editor: Tom Brevoort
  • Assistant Editor: Martin Biro
  • Associate Editor: Annalise Bissa
  • Format: Limited Series
  • Cover Price/Page Count: $3.99/28 Pages

Written by: Steve Skroce.

Art by: Steve Skroce.

Covers by: Steve Skroce, Dan Panosian.

Description: Ben Grimm travels to the Jersey Shore (and beyond) for a Grimm family reunion. Things get even more awkward when Doctor Strange shows up with information about the time-and-space-traveling thief who’s been haranguing the Thing. Part three of the greatest THING story ever told, as far as we know…

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: May 31.

Written by: Steve Skroce.

Art by: Steve Skroce.

Covers by: Steve Skroce.

Description: Ben Grimm has been banished to the bottomless pit of interstitial space between realities. There, he finds an unlikely ally in Doctor Doom. Doom has also been a victim of the new villain Ogdu Fraize, the Psychopomp. Together, they plan their escape with the help of the banished Watcher, Tuvah Tu.

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: June 14.

(W) Steve Skroce (A/CA) Steve Skroce
OGDU FRAIZE’s plan is almost complete, he has reverse engineered every item of power across the Marvel Universe’s timestream to create the PSYCHOPOMP machine, a device that will steal the creation energy of the nascent GALACTUS and the SENTIENCE of the UNIVERSE at the moment of the BIG BANG. The THING, DOCTOR DOOM and TUVAH TU are an unwilling audience to the universe’s re-making. That is, unless they can get free…
Rated T+
In Shops: Jul 05, 2023
SRP: $3.99

Je suis vraiment curieux de voir ce que ça peut donner !! Je n’ai aucune idée de ce que ça peut raconter et du ton adopté ! Mais ça me donne envie de risquer l’aventure !