CROSSOVER (Donny Cates / Geoff Shaw)

Donny Cates. Geoff Shaw.


Novembre 2020.

Plus d’infos prochainement…


Ouais, c’est très intriguant, ça.


Imaginez un comic-book si énorme, un event qui génère tellement d’attente que le moment de sa sortie ouvre une déchirure dans la réalité et un portail qui mène à notre monde. Et si tout ce pensiez être du fantastique, de l’imaginaire…était en fait réel ?

Premier aperçu :



Donny Cates :

« I will tell you what Crossover is to me. Crossover is the scariest goddamn book I have ever attempted to produce in my entire life and that as to why it is the most exciting thing that I’ve ever done. my teammates here will help me to try and elaborate and explain this thing to you because again it is insane. Imagine Avengers Endgame but as Cloverfield. »

« On January 11th of 2017 , Geoff Shaw and I released a book called God Country and Geoff and I were sitting around in my in my apartment then such a long time ago talking about, we had just done a signing, multiple signings here in Austin, and we were talking about, this is before I was at Marvel or anything, and we were talking about the nature of event books and how really the last story, the story that’s never been told… is the story of that guy on the sidewalk selling hot dogs and how utterly terrifying it is for that person. »

C’est l’anti-Gwenpool ?

D’une certaine manière.
J’aime bien son approche « Imaginez Avengers Endgame, mais en fait c’est Cloverfield ».
Une sorte de Marvels de Busiek, mais sous amphétamine.
Et comme j’aime bien God Country, je crois que je vais surveiller ça.