En attendant le deuxième volume (sur les trois prévus) de la série Cursed Pirate Girl imaginée par l’artiste Jeremy Bastian, l’éditeur Archaia (via Boom! Studio) proposera en juin un premier Annual de 52 pages racontant la quête de la petite fille maudite et de son amie Apollonia pour retrouver le père pirate.

Le premier volume est sorti en France sous le titre La Fille Maudite du Capitaine Pirate chez les éditions de la Cerise.

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[quote]The biggest challenge is keeping people’s interest. I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone, so I only share little tidbits here and there. I’m not the greatest with keeping a prevalent online presence. You don’t want people to forget you exist.

My biggest fear is when a new Cursed Pirate Girl book hits the stands the reaction is “Oh, that’s still being published? Who cares, it takes him too long to do it anyway.” Thankfully, everyone who comes up to me at conventions says, “It’s worth the wait." Those are the people that keep me going.[/quote]


[quote]Cursed Pirate Girl Special #1
Story by Jeremy Bastian
Art by Jeremy Bastian
Cover by Jeremy Bastian
Publisher Archaia
Cover Price: $9.99
Release Date Oct 14th, 2015
What’s to Love: Jeremy Bastian’s intricate artwork is unlike anything in modern comics, and his first Cursed Pirate Girl graphic novel has garnered wide critical acclaim. Now he’s back to bring readers the next chapter of the Cursed Pirate Girl’s adventures in this oversized annual in the vein of Alice in Wonderland meets 19th-century political cartoons.
What It Is: The fiery Cursed Pirate Girl and the young Apollonia continue their search for the pirate girl’s father, one of the pirate captains of the dreaded Omerta Seas. This is the first annual installment of Volume 2 of Cursed Pirate Girl, with 54 pages of all-new story, including a gatefold insert.[/quote]