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oh mon canaillou, je sais que tou voudrais tâter ma marchandise, mais tu n’es pas assez pro ;p

A la Kabrairie, on touche à la marchandise, pourtant !

Nouveau teaser :

C’est quoi, Future State ?

Aucune idée…^^

Bon, j’ai fouiné et selon le site newsarama, Future State serait la troisième partie d’un cycle d’histoires qui débute avec le récit Generations : Fractured dans Detective Comics #1027 (on voit le titre Future State à la dernière case)

et qui se poursuit avec le one-shot Generations : Shattered en décembre.

Pas de détails pour le moment…

Merci. :slight_smile:

Pas sûr que ça se résume à ça… J’y vois un relaunch plus global ou un crossover concernant de nombreux titres sur janvier/février…

Ete 2021 au niveau international

Je vois un évent à la convergence.

Derrière Métal, un nouvel event de ouf? Je n’y crois pas trop.

Je crois que vous ne parlez pas de la même chose.



Par contre, notre point de vue converge ;).
Ca sera encore inintéressant.

Sur quelle Terre parallèle c’était intéressant, Convergence ? :smile:

Le Supes de mémoire. Le JSA également. Et puis, et puis… c’est déja pas mal!

« In DC Future State, the Multiverse has been saved from the brink of destruction, but the triumph of DC’s heroes has shaken loose the very fabric of time and space!. The final chapter of Dark Nights: Death Metal ( on sale January 5, 2021) brings new life to DC’s Multiverse, kicking off this glimpse into the unwritten worlds of DC’s future! »

Future State sera un event de deux mois, composé d’anthologies, de mini-séries et de one-shots qui emmèneront les lecteurs vers le futur de l’univers DC. Toutes les séries DC feront une pause pendant ces deux mois avant de reprendre en mars.

Marie Javins :

« The DC Universe has always been fertile ground for new and refreshing takes on our characters, and DC Future State definitely contributes to this legacy. When the event begins in January, some savvy readers will not only pick up on some of the breadcrumbs that have already been tossed out in our current titles, but they will also find new hints and clues of what’s to come in 2021. »


1 J'aime
FUTURE STATE : SWAMP THING #1-2 (Ram V / Mike Perkins)
FUTURE STATE : THE FLASH #1-2 (Brandon Vietti / Eaglesham, Peterson, Conrad)
FUTURE STATE : TEEN TITANS #1-2 (Tim Sheridan / Rafa Sandoval)
FUTURE STATE : GREEN LANTERN #1-2 (Geoffrey Thorne / Tom Raney)
FUTURE STATE : JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-2 (Joshua Williamson / Robson Rocha)
FUTURE STATE : KARA ZOR-EL, SUPERWOMAN #1-2 (Marguerite Bennett / Marguerite Sauvage)
FUTURE STATE : SUPERMAN / WONDER WOMAN #1-2 (Dan Watters / Leila del Duca)
FUTURE STATE : ROBIN ETERNAL #1-2 (Meghan Fitzmartin / Eddy Barrows)
FUTURE STATE : SUPERMAN - WORLDS OF WAR #1-2 (Phillip Kennedy Johnson / Mikel Janin)
FUTURE STATE : BATMAN/SUPERMAN #1-2 (Gene Luen Yang / Ben Oliver)
FUTURE STATE : AQUAMAN #1-2 (Brandon Thomas / Daniel Sampere)
FUTURE STATE : SUICIDE SQUAD #1-2 (Robbie Thompson / Javi Fernandez)
FUTURE STATE : DARK DETECTIVE #1-4 (Mariko Tamaki / Dan Mora)
FUTURE STATE : SUPERMAN vs IMPERIOUS LEX #1-3 (Mark Russell / Steve Pugh)
FUTURE STATE : HARLEY QUINN #1-2 (Stephanie Phillips / Simone Di Meo)
FUTURE STATE : THE NEXT BATMAN #1-4 (John Ridley / Nick Derington, Laura Braga)
FUTURE STATE : NIGHTWING #1-2 (Andrew Constant / Nicola Scott)
FUTURE STATE : SHAZAM ! #1-2 (Tim Sheridan / Eduardo Pansica)
FUTURE STATE : IMMORTAL WONDER WOMAN #1-2 (Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad / Jen Bartel)
FUTURE STATE : CATWOMAN #1-2 (Ram V / Otto Schmidt)
FUTURE STATE : LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1-2 (Brian Bendis / Riley Rossmo)

Future State : les titres de la Bat-Family.

« In this future, Gotham City is controlled by the Magistrate. This villainous regime has taken control of the city, now under constant surveillance. All masked vigilantes have been outlawed and Batman has been killed. But led by an all-new Batman, a new assembly of Gotham’s guardians rise to give hope to all of those who lost it! »

Oversized Comics:

  • Future State: The Next Batman #1-4
  • The Next Batman, by John Ridley, Nick Derington and Laura Braga
  • Outsiders, by Brandon Thomas and Sumit Kumar
  • Arkham Knights, by Paul Jenkins and Jack Herbert
  • Batgirls, by Vita Ayala and Aneke
  • Gotham City Sirens, by Paula Sevenbergen and Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Future State: Dark Detective #1-4
  • Dark Detective, by Mariko Tamaki and Dan Mora
  • Grifters, by Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine di Giandomenico
  • Red Hood, by Joshua Williamson and Giannis Milonogiannis

Monthly Miniseries:

  • Future State: Batman/Superman, by Gene Luen Yang and Ben Oliver
  • Future State: Catwoman, by Ram V and Otto Schmidt
  • Future State: Harley Quinn, by Stephanie Phillips and Simone Di Meo
  • Future State: Nightwing, by Andrew Constant and Nicola Scott
  • Future State: Robin Eternal, by Meghan Fitzmartin and Eddy Barrows

Future State : Les titres Superman.

« Due to his involvement in an international crisis happening in the near future, Clark Kent has been rejected by Earth, causing him to focus his lifesaving efforts outside his adopted home. He travels to Warworld to rise through the ranks of gladiatorial combat in order to defeat Mongul with the help of some unlikely heroes. Back in Metropolis, Clark’s son Jon has taken on the mantle of Superman. After seeing the horrors that befell Gotham, he bottles Metropolis in order to keep it safe, putting him at odds with Supergirl. »

« Connecting the two oversized Future State: Superman titles, Shilo Norman, the man known as Mister Miracle, finds himself caught between the city he grew up in and the battle-torn planet that could be his downfall. Meanwhile in the Amazon rainforest, Yara Flor is chosen to be the new Wonder Woman. Years later, the new Superman and Wonder Woman join forces to save their cities in a new superhero team-up the likes of which the world has never seen. »

Oversized Comics:

  • Future State: Superman of Metropolis #1-2
  • Superman of Metropolis, by Sean Lewis and John Timms
  • The Guardian, by Sean Lewis and Cully Hamner
  • Mister Miracle, by Brandon Easton and Valentine De Landro
  • Future State: Superman: Worlds of War #1-4
  • Superman: Worlds of War, by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Mikel Janin
  • Midnighter, by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and Gleb Melnikov
  • Black Racer, by Jeremy Adams and Siya Oum
  • Mister Miracle, by Brandon Easton and Valentine De Landro
  • Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1-2
  • Immortal Wonder Woman, by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and Jen Bartel
  • Nubia, by L.L. McKinney, Alitha E. Martinez and Mark Morales

Monthly Miniseries And One-Shots:

  • Future State: House of El, by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Scott Godlewski (one-shot on sale February)
  • Future State: Kara Zor-El, Superwoman, by Marguerite Bennett and Marguerite Sauvage
  • Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes, by Brian Michael Bendis and Riley Rossmo
  • Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman, by Dan Watters and Leila del Duca
  • Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex, by Mark Russell and Steve Pugh (3-issue series ending March 2021)
  • Future State: Wonder Woman, by Joëlle Jones

Future State : Les titres Justice League.

A thread of great change runs through the Justice League heroes: a new League is built upon secret identities (even from each other), but an old and evolved enemy will use these secrets to try and overthrow the world. For the supernatural heroes of Justice League Dark, the very fabric of reality has shifted, and heroes are being hunted.

For Flash, Shazam, and the Teen Titans, it all begins when the four Riders of the Apocalypse unleash hell in a battle at Titans Academy, Barry Allen is cut off from the Speed Force, a Famine-controlled Wally West may be beyond saving, and Billy Batson makes a deal with the devil that will change Shazam forever. Off-world, John Stewart and the remaining Green Lanterns are stranded in the shadow of a dead power battery; Jackson Hyde and Andy Curry are separated across the galaxy; and Amanda Waller executes her ultimate plan with a new but terrifyingly familiar Suicide Squad on Earth-3.

At the end of time, Swamp Thing reveals its true intention, ruling supreme until a remnant of humanity launches a rebellion, and Black Adam looks to the past as the only way to save the future of the Multiverse.

Future State: Justice League #1-2

  • Justice League, by Joshua Williamson and Robson Rocha
  • Justice League Dark, by Ram V and Marcio Takara

Future State: Green Lantern #1-2

  • Last Lanterns, by Geoffrey Thorne and Tom Raney
  • Tales of the Green Lantern Corps, by Josie Campbell, Ryan Cady and Ernie Altbacker, with Sami Basri and Clayton Henry

Future State: Suicide Squad #1-2

  • Suicide Squad, by Robbie Thompson and Javi Fernandez
  • Black Adam, by Jeremy Adams and Fernando Pasarin

Monthly Miniseries:

  • Future State: Aquaman, by Brandon Thomas and Daniel Sampere
  • Future State: The Flash, by Brandon Vietti and Dale Eaglesham
  • Future State: Teen Titans, by Tim Sheridan and Rafa Sandoval
  • Future State: SHAZAM!, by Tim Sheridan and Eduardo Pansica
  • Future State: Swamp Thing, by Ram V and Mike Perkins

Dans la construction, ça fait un peu penser à l’Ere d’Apocalypse, mais pour l’univers DC entier. Et donc après cette « vision du futur », pas de reboot, les séries reprendront leurs histoires et leurs numérotations en cours…