DC'S LEGION OF BLOOM (collectif)


As the flowers bloom, breathe in that Swamp Thing smell. Watch the Blue Beetles fly out from Titans West. Pick a Captain Carrot or two from Floronic Man’s garden, but make sure to avoid the Poison Ivy.

The season may go by in a Flash, but don’t worry—stories like these last forever. Oh, and Wonder Woman will be there, too!

Creative Teams:

  • Writers: Kenny Porter; Cavan Scott; Zac Thompson; Julio Anta; Calvin Kasulke; Ashley Allen; Travis Moore
  • Artist(s): Travis Moore; Brian Level; Isaac Goodhart; Hayden Sherman; Jacoby Salcedo; Atagun Ilhan
  • Cover Artist: Juan Gedeon
  • Variant Cover Artists: Derrick Chew; Vasco Georgiev; Mike Perkins
  • Format: Oneshot
  • Cover Price/Page Count: $9.99/ 80 pages

The DCU goes Green and celebrates Spring in DC’S LEGION OF BLOOM #1, on shelves and digital platforms on Tuesday, March 21, 2023, from DC Comics.