DEAD PIG COLLECTOR - Warren Ellis (Mulholland Books)

Le scénariste Warren Ellis (artères souterraines) vient d’annoncer l’annulation de la diffusion de Dead Pig Collector; une courte histoire réalisée après son second roman Gun Machine. Le livre (eBook) devait sortir ces jours prochains aux États Unis et en Angleterre.
Le scénariste refuse de commenter cette affaire qui découle de sa relation difficile avec l’éditeur Mulholland Books. Les lecteurs ayant pré-commandés le livre seront remboursés.

[quote]DEAD PIG COLLECTOR is classic Warren Ellis, the digital, short story debut of a new character soon to become a classic in the oeuvre of a writer praised by the New York Times Book Review as “a seriously good writer with a seriously wicked imagination.”

As far as Mr. Sun is concerned, the heart is just a pump. It’s an anatomical fact he knows quite intimately, and a key component of the knowledge base essential to his particularly devious line of work: murder for hire and body disposal.

Certain jobs, however, make it hard to keep this in mind. Like the one that’s brought him from cold, dreary London to sun-soaked Los Angeles, and connects Mr. Sun with a beautiful and perpetually curious woman who has to know everything about Mr. Sun’s methods.[/quote]

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La déclaration de Warren Ellis:

[quote] Due to continuing issues, I have today terminated my relationship with Mulholland Books. DEAD PIG COLLECTOR is cancelled (for now).

If you pre-ordered DEAD PIG COLLECTOR: Thank you! And I’m sorry. Really sorry. Your vendor will reverse the pre-order soon.

As this newsletter system was provided by Mulholland Books, it will doubtless be turned off shortly.  Please do add me as @warrenellis on Twitter or Instagram or keep an eye on for now.

Thank you all.  You were a pleasure to write to and talk with.[/quote]