DEJAH THORIS vs JOHN CARTER #1 (Dan Abnett / Alessandro Miracolo)

Après la fin de la série Dejah Thoris, le scénariste Dan Abnett poursuivra ses histoires sur l’univers créé par Edgar Rice Burroughs dans un nouveau titre dessiné par Alessandro Miracolo : Dejah Thoris vs John Carter. Début de la publication en juillet !

"Abnett opens a new chapter in the storied history of Barsoom and its charismatic couple. Serving as a perfect jumping-on point for new and returning fans, while also continuing threads from Abnett’s previous tales, the love of Dejah Thoris and John Carter will be tested by a grave new threat and cataclysmic planet-wide war.

"Barsoom has been in crisis, wracked by freak weather seemingly signifying a coming ice age. Matching turbulence has cropped up as conflict between the planet’s many tribes and nations. The Earth-born hero of John Carter was missing. With Dejah Thoris and the help of her allies, stability has been established (for now) and John has been found, only for the true foes to take center stage in this new story.

« The Longborn, ancient ‹ space gods › of immense and mysterious power wildly outmatch the citizens of Barsoom. They may even be the original architects of all life in the Solar System, shaping the red planet in their image. Back to reclaim their creations to wipe the slate clean and start over, it is up to Dejah, John, and their allies to take on their biggest threat yet. »