DOUBLE TAKE (Bill Jemas)

L’ancien président de Marvel, Bill Jemas, est placé à la tête de la nouvelle collection éditoriale Double Take fondée par le géant des jeux vidéos Take Two.

Pour son premier projet, Double Taken développera l’univers Night of the Living Dead (1968, George A. Romero) à travers trois titres: Soul, Insurrection, et Rise. Dans chaque série, le lecteur suivra certains des protagonistes du film avant et après l’infection zombie.


Le malicieux Bill Jemas (co-créateur de la ligne Ultimate chez Marvel) a sous-titré les premiers récits de la ligne Double Take avec la distinction Ultimate Night of the Living Dead.

[quote]Slab #1
Story by Brian Finkelstein
Art by Joe Cooper
Cover by Apple Qingyang Zhang
Publisher Double Take
Cover Price: $2.50
Release Date Sep 16th, 2015
As zombies ravage western Pennsylvania, Dr. Grimes is keeping a cool head. He’s going to get to the bottom of this; the doctor is in. Some of this series transpires in the Night of the Living Dead universe, most does not. None of the film’s creators are involved in this series.[/quote]


Faute de succès, la maison d’édition Double Take de Bill Jemas mettra la clé sous la porte à la fin de l’année.

Une “importante source liée à l’industrie du jeu vidéo” explique pourquoi Double Take a joué de malchance :

[quote] Bill Jemas was friends with the Chairman of Take2 Interactive (Strauss Zelnick) and the original plan was to do books based on the games. Strauss set Jemas up with the financing to start it up, and work was started on books based on the games.

The hiccup was that the game division did not want the outsider (Jemas) working on their properties and pushed him away. This caused a lot of issues…. Strauss had to move Jemas and his team out of the Take2 offices and get them a separate office. Work on the game comics was scrapped, and Jemas had to figure out another plan from scratch.

Strauss had committed to launching the comic division for Jemas… But that left them with no properties to work with. Strapped for time and with nothing to work with (all of which is insane), Bill latched onto the Night of the Living Dead idea.

It was public domain… And zombies were all the rage. All their efforts were redirected towards this new plan… With the hope that if Double aTke could prove themselves, then Strauss and Bill could push back on the game division to give them the properties. Bill thought he could build an audience off the zombie craze and lead people into a superhero universe.

The conflict with the game division from the start was evident. Jemas was thrown to the wolves, and did not have the support of the sales and marketing team.

Think about how many units the game division sells… If Bill had their support, he would have had the strongest marketing push of any comic company in the market. Digital codes in games, a built-in audience, distribution into game stores, etc…

The problem was the game people wanted nothing to do with Bill and his team. So… Bill did what he could…. With the limited resources at his disposal. And… clearly Double Take was not the huge success Bill had hoped for… and the money has to run out sometime.[/quote]

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