DUNE : A WHISPER OF CALADAN SEAS (Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson / Jakub Rebelka)

Boom! Studios annonce le one-shot Dune : A Whisper of Caladan Seas, par les inévitables Brian Herbert et Kevin J. Anderson au scénario et Jakub Rebelka aux dessins.

Sortie prévue en décembre.

« During the chaos of the legendary Battle of Arrakeen, a group of Atreides soldiers gets caved in. So while Paul Atreides meets his destiny in battle, Sgt. Vitt must use his family’s gift of storytelling as a Jongleur to transport his men from their tomb to their homeworld of Caladan. Can Vitt mentally transport them back to the lushness and vast oceans of Caladan and give them the gift of hope in the darkness? »

« When we were writing A Whisper of Caladan Seas, we had no idea that our Dune-series novels and short stories would eventually add up to millions of words, » Herbert said. « Now we’re still adding on to that total, and continue to enjoy the writing process as much as we did when we were just getting going. Our enthusiasm for these stories has never waned. »

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