ECHOLANDS #1-2 (J.H. Williams III, Haden Blackman)


Echolands #1

  • Written by J.H. Williams III, W. Haden Blackman
  • Art by J.H. Williams III, Dave Stewart and Todd Klein
  • Cover by J.H. Williams III
  • On sale Aug. 25
  • The story of Earth’s last war starts with Hope’s sticky fingers…
  • The multiple award-winning Batwoman team, J. H. WILLIAMS III (Promethea, The Sandman: Overture, Batman) and W. HADEN BLACKMAN (Star Wars, Elektra), reunites for an all-new ongoing series! They’re joined once again by colorist supreme DAVE STEWART and master letterer TODD KLEIN.
  • In a bizarre future world that has forgotten its history, a reckless thief, Hope Redhood, holds the key to excavating its dark, strange past—if only she and her crew can escape a tyrannical wizard and his unstoppable daughter. But fate will send them all on a path leading to a war between worlds.
  • ECHOLANDS is a landscape format, mythic-fiction epic where anything is possible—a fast-paced genre mashup adventure that combines everything from horror movie vampires to classic mobsters and cyborg elves, to Roman demigods and retro rocket ships. It’s going to be a helluva ride!
  • Each issue of the series will offer a Raw Cut edition, featuring the art from J. H. WILLIAMS III as it looked leaving his work studio.



« The pages shown here have a couple features that I find interesting. The first spread [p. 10/11] has this nice sense of building drama. Something about the layout creates a kind of cinematic pacing, but then boldly breaks it with the large wide close-up of Hope, » Williams III said. « That close-up image causes a lingering pause in the action, reinforcing something important is happening, before moving back again into more cinematic movement. »

« Hope Redhood has stolen a gem from Teros Demond, the despotic ruler of the city. Soon after, she and her ally Cor find themselves cornered by Demond’s overzealous coppers, » Blackman said in regard to the spread of pages 10-11. « This spread shows off the widescreen format – we’re able to use it to build from the initial confrontation through Hope’s use of her innate powers and the copper’s realization that something is amiss… We’re still very conscious of using the page turn for reveals, so here we end on a bit of a cliffhanger before we showcase the full effect of Hope’s ‹ red. › »

Future tuerie ça


Published: September 29, 2021
Diamond ID: JUL210225
Age Rating: M

Cover price: $4.99
THE MAJOR IMAGE COMICS EVENT OF 2021 CONTINUES… Hope Redhood and her companions, Cor, Caniff, Castrum, Dena, Rabbit, and Rosa, are on the run from the Wizard, Teros Demond, and his terrifying daughter. Why is the Wizard willing to kill to regain his stolen gem? Can Hope and her crew escape the strange robots lurking in the tunnels beneath San Francisco? And will they survive a betrayal by the pirate captain, Bloody Gums?
J.H. Williams III
W. Haden Blackman
J.H. Williams III
Dave Stewart
Cover A
J.H. Williams III
Cover B
Alison Sampson