ELVIRA MEETS VINCENT PRICE #1 (David Avallone / Juan Samu)

La Maîtresse des Ténèbres et le Maître du Macabre sont réunis dans une nouvelle mini-série Dynamite scénarisée par David Avallone et dessinée par Juan Samu. Le #1 sortira en août.

"The ghost of Price has a mission that only the macabre maven can assist him with. The apocalypse is coming, and it’s heading straight to livestreaming for binge-watching! Leave it to a fabled lost film to save the day, if only our horror hostess and spectral companion can find it in time.

« Writer David Avallone returns to capture the timeless voice of Elvira, and taps into his own history and love for Old Hollywood and film to bring Vincent Price along for the ride this time. With over three years and countless issues of experience working right alongside Elvira herself and putting words in her mouth, fans will be happy to see his return. This time he’s joined for the first time by artist Juan Samu. »