EMPIRE OF THE WOLF (Michael Kogge / Collectif)



Written by Michael Kogge
Art by Dan Parsons, David Rabbitte, Chris Summers, Marshall Dillon
Published by Alterna Comics
Website: empireofthewolf.net

During the Roman conquest of Britain, a werewolf’s bite re-ignites the legendary feud between the wolf-brothers Romulus and Remus. This curse of the full moon pits two centurions against each other in an epic battle of werewolves, placing not only the life of the woman they both love in mortal peril, but also the fate of Roman Empire itself. Empire of the Wolf is the saga that reveals the myth behind the history of ancient Rome.
“Writer/creator Michael Kogge and artist Dan Parsons have mingled fantasy and history in a way that would do Robert E. Howard proud!”
– Roy Thomas, writer of Conan the Barbarian comics
“Michael Kogge has a great facility with words and a wild unfettered imagination. Combine those talents with ancient Rome, werewolves, blood and sex, and you find yourself in the darker regions of the human psyche, the places where “monsters within” are found. Jung called it “the Shadow”. George Lucas called it “the dark side”. The ancient Romans called it “real life”. The question is, once you have entered that nightmare realm of savagery and glory, where do you go from there? Greed, lust for power, endless warfare, murder and bestiality…the Romans wallowed in it beyond excess, leading eventually to their downfall. Kogge and his artists have clearly tapped into that same artery and found it alive and pulsing in modern man. Which raises the possibility that these comics are as much a reflection of us — and our destiny — as they are of the Empires of old.”
– Tom Veitch, Star Wars: Dark Empire and The Light and Darkness War[/quote]






Le site de l’éditeur: www.alternacomics.com
Le site de la série: www.empireofthewolf.net