Frank frazetta's funny stuff

Le 25 avril, l’éditeur IDW va publier un album de 256 pages sur le travail méconnu de Frank Frazetta: ses comics humoristique de l’âge d’or. Frank Frazetta’s Funny Stuff comprend aussi une introduction du réalisateur Ralph Bakshi, grand ami du “Master of Fantasy Art”.

[quote]Frank Frazetta’s Funny Stuff
Story by Frank Frazetta
Art by Frank Frazetta
Cover by Frank Frazetta
Publisher IDW
Cover Price: $49.99
Release Date Wed, April 25th, 2012
Frank Frazetta! He’s been rightfully called “The Grand Master of Fantasy Art”!
But, it’s little known that Frazetta also conquered other worlds in the Golden Age of Comics, as shown in his Donald Duck-ish funny animal and hilarious hillbilly comic book stories. Even those aware of this wonderful Frazetta art don’t know the extent–this book is a whopping 256 page, large-format pages!
Did we mention ferocious, terrifying wolves and swampland creatures in the plethora of animal stories illustrations as only Frazetta could draw them? There’s also lions and tigers and bears–oh my!–before Frazetta’s famous paintings captured the same subjects.
But wait, there’s more! (As they say.) You’ll see the roots of the Frazetta Girl in the sexy Kathy teenage girl adventures. And there’s the hot Daisy Mae-look-alike, Clarabelle, in the hillbilly hi-jinks stories of her beau, Looey Lazybones (Holy Li’l Abner!).The introduction is by the famed cartoon director Ralph Bakshi who well knew Frazetta and closely worked with him when they co-produced the animated feature film, “Fire and Ice.” Bakshi shares rare insights, anecdotes, photos and Frazetta drawings. And Bakshi has created a special painting of Frazetta and himself as funny animals for this beautiful hardcover full-color coffee table book! Frank Frazetta’s Funny Stuff is edited and designed by Eisner award-winner Craig Yoe.[/quote]

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Y avait déjà un bon bouquin, Small Wonders, qui abordait cette partie de sa carrière.
Et c’est éblouissant, bien entendu.