GENESIS (Nathan Edmonson / Alison Sampson)

Le scénariste Nathan Edmonson a fait appel à l’architecte Alison Sampson pour son premier Roman Graphique Genesis qui paraitra chez l’éditeur Image Comics. D’après l’autre, Genesis est un récit « métaphysique » qui suit Adam, un surhomme capable de créer tout ce qu’il imagine.

La date de sortie n’a pas encore été annoncée.

[quote=« Nathan Edmonson »]The idea of will is a frightening thing. The idea that we have the freedom and the power to do anything within our ability to other people or the world around us is immense and awesome.

This fact lies somewhere in Adam’s character and is suddenly warped into a horrifying series of scenes in the book; he can manifest, create, do anything with his mind alone, but can he control himself? Does he have the ability to do things right? That’s a question (one of the questions, I guess) we ask with the book. We don’t answer many, but we do ask a lot.

It’s as if your imagination crossed that barrier between what is just thought and what is real and suddenly your every single thought became an act, an event, an object in the world. That’s the problem Adam has to deal with.[/quote]

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Written by: Nathan Edmondson.
Art by: Alison Sampson.
Cover by: Alison Sampson.
Description: Genesis is a trippy journey of creation and destruction as one man finds himself with the ability to manifest anything by thinking it-only to learn that with seemingly unlimited power comes unstoppable terror.
Pages: 56.
Price: $7.99.
In stores: April 16. [/quote]