HARBINGER WARS #1-4 (Dysart, Swierczynski / Collectif)

En avril débute le premier crossover de l’éditeur Valiant entre les séries Harbinger et Bloodshot intitulé Harbinger Wars. Les scénaristes Joshua Dysart et Duane Swierczynski raconteront l’affrontement entre Peter Stanchek, les renégats, Toyo Harada et Bloodshot alors que ce dernier découvre avoir été un chasseur de psiosts dix ans plus tôt.
La partie graphique de l’évènement est confiée aux dessinateurs Clayton henry, Clayton Crain, Khari Evans et Barry Kitson.

La publication des douze chapitres de Harbinger Wars s’étalera sur trois mois. Les quatre numéros de la mini-série principale s’intéresseront à la guerre entre toutes les factions alors que les séries Harbinger et Bloodshot se concentreront sur leurs héros respectifs.
Ci-dessous, la preview du premier numéro et la liste de lecture:





[quote]Harbinger Wars #1
Story by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski
Art by Clayton Henry, Clayton Crain
Cover by Lewis Larosa, Clayton Henry, Clayton Crain, Patrick Zircher [hide…]
Publisher Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price $3.99
Release Date Wed, April 3rd, 2013
"Do you know where the children are?"
HARBINGER WARS, Valiant’s first family crossover event, begins here! A decades-old secret is about to put BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER on an inescapable collision course – and, soon, the most powerful forces in the Valiant Universe will be drawn into a battle without sides, without rules, and without mercy.
•Two dozen undisciplined, untested and untrained superhuman children have just escaped from a top-secret research facility and into the world.
•When Bloodshot, Toyo Harada and Peter Stanchek join the chase, will the Valiant Universe be ready for its first all-out superhuman showdown?
•Start reading here for a high-stakes tale that will put Valiant’s greatest heroes to the ultimate test![/quote]







Le site de l’éditeur: http:valiantuniverse.com

Ci-dessous, le croquis des psiots du projet Rising Spirit par Khari Evans. Détails de Joshua Dysart.


Real Name: Christian
Age: 20
"We will protect ourselves."
Joshua Dysart: Christian is the oldest of the group. Smart, charismatic and idealist. He is capable of utilizing energy healing and psychic surgery to heal the wounded. But this power can be reversed allowing him to also cause immediate organic systems failure through violent energy filed manipulation.[/quote]


[quote]THE TELIC
Real Name: Tara
Age: 15
"I can see everything, all the connections that bind us in this moment. Careful I don’t cut them."
Dysart: This one is like an Oliver Sacks kid turned super deadly. She sees visual patterns in everything. Allowing her to make very fast, and often accurate flash predictions of immediate events around her. She’s capable of a deep, atomic statistical mapping of every action and reaction in the immediate local universe. These patterns are revealed to her like DMT hallucinations that she can never turn off. The universe flexes in repeated, pulsing patterns. Everything can be quantified into an immediate future probability. This also makes her deadly at hand-to-hand combat as she follows “The Flow” of patterns with alarming, virtually pre-cog, speed.[/quote]


Real Name: Wee Mad Mack
Age: 15
Dysart: Wee Mad Mack can vibrate his own molecules at such a high frequency (and for short periods of time) that it allows him to quantum phase. Neither alive nor dead in that moment, he is able to traverse a plane of existence not yet identified by P.R.S. scientists realm for brief flashes at a time. This allows him to make short jumps in our own universe, like using secret passageways, or folding space. But the world that he must traverse is nightmarish and filled with unimaginable creatures. Mad Mack has been turned pretty twisted by his quick jaunts there. And if he grabs you and drags you in with him, the odds of you emerging out the other side as sane as when you went in are slim.[/quote]


Real Name: Isaiah
Age: 13
Dysart: Isaiah doesn’t talk. He keeps to himself. To this end he has erected around himself, since the very moment he became activated, a psiot shield similar to Peter’s. Unlike Peter’s shield, nothing penetrates Isaiah’s. He also can’t make it go away. This is his psychological response to the horrible PRS activation process. Isaiah follows the other kids around, seemingly frail, but actually virtually indestructible.[/quote]


Real Name: Pier
Age: 17
"Your life falls into my mouth."
Dysart: Hive absorbs life forces. By opening his mouth he pulls the essence, the breath, from living organisms all around him. The problem with this is that he also absorbs the psychic imprints of his victims. Inside him is a storm of angry people. He can only barely keep a cap on them and he suffers, but occasionally also benefits, from the multiple personality disorder it breeds in him.[/quote]


Real Name: Jessica
Age: 9
"My body is here. But not me."
Dysart: Lady Astral performs a kind of hyper-astral projection. Not only can she create an invisible “psiot package” which allows her consciousness to travel outside of her body, fly around and just generally observe things, but she can also fire her psyche at a person like a bullet, causing all kinds of violent destabilizing flash cognition and even brain-wide seizures.[/quote]


Real Name: Simon
Age: 13
"Wave your flag when you approach me. I want to know whose side you’re on."
Dysart: Simon is a cocky little $#%!. He’s also the fastest, most agile and creative flier anybody has ever seen. What’s more, he can make other things fly along with him. Imagine him coming at you with a flying car in his wake, ready to be driven home to its destination, your body.[/quote]


Real Name: Nora
Age: 10
"Someday, I’ll make the whole world cry."
Dysart: Serenade is a cryptically dangerous creature. By singing, and then subsequently using her psiot powers to change the sonic tones into brain waves, she can project great blasts of emotion over large numbers of people. The real danger here is that she’s a profoundly mentally disturbed 10 year-old girl with very little control over her own emotional landscape.[/quote]


Real Name: Ian
Age: 12
"Don’t you understand? I’m a shooting star."
Dysart: Ramsey is able to excite the molecular state of photons in light waves all around him. This allows for a vast range of light manipulations. For instance he can warp light to cloak himself and other objects, or pinpoint it into beams of various intensity, but primarily Ramsey can turn light into a weapon concentrating it into solid shards. Since manipulated light is incredibly agitated on a photon level his light paintings and manifestations carry with them extremely dangerous heat signatures. When he manipulates light waves it causes strange patterns of colors like the aurora borealis.[/quote]


Real Name: Baxter
Age: 9
"In my imagination there’s a little box. You don’t want to know what I keep inside that box."
Dysart: The boy with the monster in his head. Baxter is quiet and shy, easy to smile. A lovely child actually. But somewhere inside the innocent child’s imagination lurks a large destructive, imaginary beast hungry for violence. Baxter is capable of projecting his worse fears in the form of this horribly insane monster. Once out of the “box” that is Baxter’s brain, it is a lethal force nearly impossible to bring down.[/quote]

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Trois pages de Harbinger Wars #2 par Clayton Henry:




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Ci-dessous, quelques pages du numéro spécial Valiant Free Comics Book Day consacré à l’évènement Harbinger Wars:



[quote]Harbinger Wars Special
Story by Joshua Dysart, Various
Art by Clayton Henry, Various
Cover by Clayton Crain
Publisher Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price: $0.00
Release Date Sat, May 4th, 2013
Everything you need to know about the Valiant Universe in 2013 happens right here this Free Comic Book Day! The critically acclaimed, best-selling comics launch of the decade throws it into high gear with HARBINGER WARS, Valiant’s first-ever family crossover! The blistering conflict between BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER will crack the Valiant Universe in half and reveal the true cost of power. Plus – who will stand to oppose X-O MANOWAR on PLANET DEATH? What adventure lies beyond the horizon for ARCHER & ARMSTRONG? Who is the true heir to the legacy of the SHADOWMAN? And what top-secret projects could possibly be coming next? Get all the answers right here.[/quote]





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Deux pages de Harbinger Wars #3 par Clayton Henry:



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Trois pages de *Harbinger Wars #3 *par Clayton Henry:




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[quote]Harbinger Wars #3
Story by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski
Art by Clayton Henry
Cover by Patrick Zircher, Trevor Hairsine, Khari Evans
Publisher Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, June 12th, 2013
Las Vegas is burning, and the situation on the ground has gone from bad to worse. With the firefight between the Harbinger Foundation, Bloodshot and Peter Stanchek’s Renegades about to spiral out of control, Project Rising Spirit has only one option left to stop the conflagration from spreading. It’s time to bring the deep-black weapons development project – designation H.A.R.D. Corps – back online. But are they a scalpel or a sledgehammer? And can they be trusted with the enormous power they wield?[/quote]






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[quote]Harbinger Wars #3
Story by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski
Art by Clayton Henry
Cover by Trevor Hairsine, Khari Evans, Patrick Zircher
Publisher Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, June 12th, 2013
Introducing…H.A.R.D. Corps!
Las Vegas is burning, and the situation on the ground is about to go from bad to worse. With the firefight between the Harbinger Foundation, Bloodshot and the Renegades spiraling out of control, Project Rising Spirit has only one desperate option left to prevent the conflagration from spreading. It’s time to bring the deep-black weapons development project – designation H.A.R.D. Corps – back online. But are they a scalpel or a sledgehammer? And can they be trusted with the enormous power they wield? What happens in Vegas may just destroy the rest of the Valiant Universe![/quote]





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[quote]Harbinger Wars #4
Story by Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski
Art by Clayton Henry, Pere Perez, Mico Suayan
Cover by Patrick Zircher, Trevor Hairsine, Juan Doe, [more…]
Publisher Valiant Entertainment
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date Wed, July 17th, 2013
On July 17th, it all comes down to this!
Valiant is proud to present the first look inside Harbinger Wars #4 – the concussive final chapter of Valiant’s first crossover event! H.A.R.D. Corps vs. Bloodshot vs. Toyo Harada vs. Peter Stanchek and the Renegades – the comic book battle of the year happens here!
Four groups have come to capture the escaped test subjects of Project Rising Spirit – but only one can claim victory. Who will be left standing amidst the wreckage once called Las Vegas? Join the action here to find out why Harbinger Wars is the series that’s being heralded as an “event done right” by critics far and wide. The summer’s most acclaimed event storyline unleashes its oversized final chapter on July 17th, only in Harbinger Wars #4![/quote]






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