HARLEY QUINN #1-11 (Stephanie Phillips / Riley Rossmo)

DC publiera une nouvelle série Harley Quinn à partir de mars 2021, avec Stephanie Phillips (Future State : Harley Quinn) au scénario et Riley Rossmo (Martian Manhunter) aux dessins.

Je deviens de moins en moins fan.

Faut voir ça peut être fun, et il fait de super Harley Quinn le père Rossmo

Premier aperçu :




Ahem! You better read this closely, ’cause we’ve got a red-hot relaunch on our hands here-and I should know! Harley Quinn here to let everyone know that I got a brand-new monthly series here with a brand-new status quo. I’m coming back to Gotham City to make up for the sins of my past, and help the city recover from “The Joker War”!

But there’s no welcoming committee waiting for me, your favorite Maid of Mischief! And between you and me, some real creeps are working to keep the city broken. We can’t let that happen, can we? Rising-star writer Stephanie Phillips, my new partner in crime, takes me into a bold new era with her partner in artistic crime Riley Rossmo, who I gotta say designed a real nice new costume for me. You’re not gonna wanna miss this one, folks!

Harley Quinn (2021-) #1

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Pencils Riley Rossmo
Inks Riley Rossmo
Colored by Ivan Plascencia
Letters by Deron Bennett
Cover by Riley Rossmo
Release Date: March 23, 2021




Ya sure you wanna double down on this gimmick? Awright already-I’ll do it! Harley Quinn back again to tell ya that my mission to help heal Gotham City has already hit some bumps in the road. The awful Hugo Strange-psychiatrist, fitness freak, and expert on tiny glasses-is trying to deal with Gotham City’s clown problem, and get this! The city is endorsing him while everyone keeps giving me grief! The only person who believes in me is my new sidekick, Kevin. You’re going to find out some real dark stuff about him in this issue, too! We’re both going to have to keep our guard up, ’cuz Hugo has an army of creepy orderlies he’s about to send after us.

Harley Quinn (2021-) #2

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Pencils Riley Rossmo
Inks Riley Rossmo
Colored by Ivan Plascencia
Cover by Riley Rossmo
Release Date: April 27, 2021




Harley Quinn here, still narrating my solicit text! My war of wellness with Hugo Strange kicks into high gear this issue, and things are gonna get ugly. Hugo is about to send his right-hand man-child Lockwood, Arkham Asylum’s most sadistic guard, after Kevin and me at our first support group meeting. Folks, some things in this world are sacred, and I am not gonna stand for this. Hugo Strange never picked a fight with someone like me before, and he’s not going to like the results. Buy this issue-it’s a real gem!

Written by : Stephanie Phillips
Pencils : Riley Rossmo
Inks : Riley Rossmo
Colored by : Ivan Plascencia
Cover by : Riley Rossmo
Page Count : 24 Pages
Release Date : May 25, 2021
Age Rating : 12+ Only




Harley Quinn (2021-) #4

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Pencils Riley Rossmo
Inks Jay Leisten
Colored by Ivan Plascencia
Cover by Riley Rossmo
Release Date: June 22, 2021





Did I miss something, or is there another new creep in a funny costume tryin’ to take over Gotham? Villains in this city are like that multiheaded hydra monster: blow a few up in Arkham Asylum, and 50 more pop up in ridiculous costumes thinkin’ they’re worthy of one of those fancy character variant covers. And here I thought bustin’ outta Hugo Strange’s new headquarters and savin’ the clowns was gonna be my biggest problem today.

Harley Quinn (2021-) #5

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Pencils Riley Rossmo
Colored by Ivan Plascencia
Cover by Riley Rossmo
Release Date : July 27, 2021




Yer pal Harley Quinn back again! Now, there might be a lot of new faces in Gotham, but it’s always nice to see an old friend. Okay, so Catwoman explicitly asked me not to call her my friend, but I know she secretly loves me under that tough, broody, leather-clad exterior. You’re not gonna wanna miss this one as we tangle with those boring Magistrate goons in Alleytown like a real dynamic duo! I smash a lot of stuff with my bat, and Selina does a bunch of flips and awesome things with her whip. She’s so cool.

Written by: Stephanie Phillips
Art by: Laura Braga, Arif Prianto

U.S. Price:
On Sale Date:
Aug 24 2021
Page Count:






Written by: Stephanie Phillips.

Art by: David Lafuente.

Cover by: David Lafuente, Derrick Chew.

Description: Kevin here! You know, Harley’s sidekick, and your favorite new character? I know Harley usually does these solicits, but she’s a little tied up at the moment. Like, literally. See, there’s a new villain in Gotham calling himself Keepsake, and you know how Gotham villains are: definite psychological issues. So Keepsake kidnapped Harley, while trying to convince her to be his partner and help take over the city. Now, I don’t mean to imply that Harley’s not capable all on her own, but this time she needs a little help. Which means I’m teaming up with Solomon Grundy so we can visit Gotham’s worst criminals and figure out where Harley might be. Plus, a major new Bat-villain!

Pages: 48.

Price: $5.99 (Variant, $6.99).

Available: August 31.




Heya, folks, Harley Quinn here! In case you all haven’t noticed…things have been a little wild lately. Hugo Strange, out-of-control orderlies, kidnapped clowns, and a new villain named Keepsake…it’s a lot for any one former villain turned antihero turned real hero with impeccable fashion sense to handle. I’m talkin’ about ME if that wasn’t clear. With all the Fear State happening in Gotham, I thought it would be a good time to go on a little camping trip. But, turns out, Gotham is gonna be Gotham…Keepsake’s forming a new army, Hugo’s playin’ dress-up, and the city is literally tearing itself apart. This looks like a job for Harley Quinn, Kevin, and…the Gardener? Oh yeah, Bella’s in this one, too! I just love her little plant dogs!

Written by: Stephanie Phillips
Art by: Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia

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On Sale Date:
Sep 28 2021
Page Count:




Harley Quinn #8

Written by: Stephanie Nicole Phillips
Art by: Riley Rossmo

Sorry, Harley’s not here right now, but this is her trusted sidekick Kevin, and I’m happy to be keeping watch over the streets of Gotham. The city’s gone a little crazy with the Magistrate’s forces cracking down. I just hope that Harley’s mission to Alley Town with Catwoman and the Gardener is successful in finding the missing piece of Poison Ivy that could be the very key to saving Gotham. In the meantime, I’ll help put fires out around Gotham…literally…and I might get some unexpected help in the process! Fear State part two continues here!




Harley Quinn #9

Written by: Stephanie Nicole Phillips
Art by: Riley Rossmo

Harley Quinn here, reporting live from Fear State! And let me just say…I’ve jumped outta airplanes, faced down the baddest criminals in Gotham, thrown punches at Batman, and filed my own taxes without instructions from the IRS, but reuniting with Poison Ivy to try to save all of Gotham…? Let’s just say I’ve got a little anxiety. I’m only one well-dressed and overly verbal former psychologist turned heroic clown, after all. Which is why I’ve teamed with the Gotham City Sirens to take down Scarecrow and…wait…why is Keepsake here? This couldn’t just be an easy, straightforward mission, could it? I blame the writer…




Written by: Stephanie Phillips.

Art by: Laura Braga.

Covers by: Riley Rossmo, Derrick Chew, Rachia Lin.

Description: You know those real cheesy rom-coms where two unlikely lovebirds lean in for the same book and knock heads in the poetry section of the school library and fall madly in love? Well, this story is nothing like that. For starters, Kevin met his new muse in the middle of Scarecrow attacking Gotham (how’s that for a meet-cute?). And second, despite his planning the most perfect and romantic date night with Ivy, it seems like she might have something else on her mind. Love is in the air – errr, wait…that might be toxic gas…this is Gotham!

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99 (Variant, $4.99).

Available: December 28.

A train leaves for Gotham at eight p.m. averaging 80 miles per hour, carrying one very dramatic villain named Keepsake, a bomb strapped to the engine, and me…Harley Quinn! One track leads straight to Gotham Central Station, where hundreds of lives are at risk, but the other track…that one leads to my best friend and sidekick, Kevin. Sacrifice the one to save the many? I hate that Philosophy 101 crap, and I’m really starting to hate trains.

Written by
Stephanie Phillips
Riley Rossmo
Riley Rossmo
Colored by
Ivan Plascencia
Cover by
Riley Rossmo
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24 Pages
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