HARLEY QUINN AND THE BIRDS OF PREY #1-4 (Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner)

DC ajoute une nouvelle mini-série Harley Quinn à la collection Black Label…et comme la sortie est prévue pour le même mois que le film, les Birds of Prey seront aussi de la partie.

Harley Quinn & The Birds of Prey est signé par le couple Jimmy Palmiotti (scénario) et Amanda Conner (scénario et dessins). Début de la publication en février 2020.


With Harley finally done with The Joker, she’s moving forward with her life (as only she can) until she’s beset by a rogue’s gallery of Gotham City’s worst villains, the target of a $10,000,000 bounty placed on her head by the Clown Prince of Crime. It will take the help of Black Canary, Cassandra Cain (a.k.a. Batgirl), Renee Montoya, and the Huntress to help Harley and get to the bottom of why The Joker has turned Gotham’s worst loose on her.

Since taking on Harley Quinn in 2013 with DC’s New 52, Conner and Palmiotti have brought a new sense of style to the character while retaining the same sass, swagger, and attitude (and an even bigger hammer) that brought in a new legion of comic book fans and expanded her appeal to those who knew her only from her origins as The Joker’s girlfriend in Batman: The Animated Series.

Harley Quinn and The Birds of Prey is a 32-page, four-issue miniseries debuting in comic book stores and participating online retailers February 2020 (exact date TBD) and shipping every other month thereafter; each issue will sell for $5.99. Each issue will also carry DC’s “Black Label” descriptor, identifying the content of this book as appropriate for readers ages 17 and older.

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Jimmy Palmiotti :

Amanda and I are super excited to be creating this new series for DC. We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to let loose on a project with a no-holds-barred Harley story where we revisit Harley’s supporting cast and take her on an adventure back to Gotham. Teaming up with the Birds of Prey, Harley will turn all their worlds upside down—exactly how she likes it. Working with Amanda on the art and storytelling has been a blast so far and this book will be like nothing we have ever done before.

Amanda Conner :

Jimmy and I are so looking forward to this project. I’m excited to be co-writing it, but it’s been some time since I’ve been able to draw interiors, so I’m doubly excited. Harley is a blast to write and draw; throw the Birds of Prey into the mix and it’s even more fun. And since this will be a mature readers title, we’ll do our best to get away with as many shenanigans as possible!

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Et la publication débutera finalement en mars, donc là encore un mois après le film (comme pour le bouquin d’Azzarello).

(je ne pige vraiment pas le black label…)

Peut-être pour justifier le prix… Et parfois, le fait que ce soit estampillé 17+ booste les ventes, aussi…

Sinon, sur les planches postées par Le Doc, c’est moi ou Harley a l’air d’une ado ? O___o


Elle est comme ça depuis le new de Connet Palmiotti (donc new 52)

Ah bon, je n’avais pas fait gaffe… En même temps, ce n’est pas ça qui va me donner envie de me pencher dessus, du coup.


La série version Palmiotti et Conner est plutôt sympa. Pleine d’idées stupides et drôles, avec un personnage qui lorgne davantage vers la naïve colérique que vers la psychotique sadique. Malgré les allusions un peu lestes (mais toujours amusantes), il y a un côté grand public à cette version qui me plaît bien.


(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A/CA) Amanda Conner, Paul Mounts (CA) Derrick Chew
DC Black Label Prestige Plus 8.5" x 10.875"
The creative team that transformed Harley Quinn forever returns to shake up her world once more-and this time, the gloves are off! Harley Quinn has avoided Gotham City ever since she broke up with The Joker and found a home, and a kind of family, in Coney Island. But when she gets an offer she can’t refuse, she has no choice but to slip back into the city as quietly as she can, hoping to be gone before anyone - especially her ex - learns she’s been there. But for Harley, « as quietly as she can » is plenty loud… and before she can say « Holee bounty hunters, Batman, » The Joker’s sicced every super-villain in the city on her pretty ombré head-and the only team tough enough (or crazy enough) to come to her defense is the Birds of Prey! The foul-mouthed, no-holds-barred sequel to one of DC’s raciest runs is here! Get on board early, before we come to our senses!
In Shops: Feb 12, 2020
SRP: $5.99


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Xavier Fournier continue à faire le tour des auteurs de comics travaillant actuellement en confinement :



Written by: Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti.

Art by: Amanda Conner.

Covers by: Amanda Conner, Arthur Adams.

Description: Over the course of her illustrious and very high-class career, Harley’s met pretty much every super-villain who ever worked in Gotham City. Some hate her. Some love her. But none of that’s gonna matter once they see how many zeroes there are on the bounty The Joker’s offering for her head! Sorry, Harley-it’s just business. Your next of kin will understand, right? Meanwhile, Cassandra Cain finds herself in the unenviable position of being Harley Quinn’s bodyguard…but this could be her opportunity to learn a little about, y’know, loosening up? If she’s currently wound too tight, then just sit next to Auntie Harley…she’s got more than her share of loose screws!

Pages: 56.

Price: $5.99.

Available: June 23.

Source : www.comicscontinuum.com

The price on Harley’s head is getting higher and higher, and more and more of Gotham City’s most dangerous villains are crawling out of the woodwork to claim it. So where the hell is Batman? And after what she’s put the Birds of Prey through in just a few hours, is Harley going to have any allies left to protect her?

Written by : Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Pencils : Amanda Conner
Inks : Amanda Conner
Colored by : Alex Sinclair
Cover by : Amanda Conner, Alex Sinclair
Page Count : 35 Pages
Release Date : September 29 2020
Age Rating : 17+ Only

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There was no way Harley was going to make it out of Gotham City without coming face to face with The Joker…and just as she’s taken all his money, he’s determined to take something that means even more to her! This will be the most harrowing gauntlet of Harley’s life, and she-and you-are not ready for it!

Harley Quinn & the Birds of Prey (2020-2021) #4

Written by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti
Pencils Amanda Conner
Inks Amanda Conner
Colored by Alex Sinclair
Cover by Amanda Conner, Alex Sinclair
Release Date: February 2, 2021