HARLEY QUINN : BLACK + WHITE + REDDER #1-5 (collectif)

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #1

  • Comedic legends (they made us say that) Chip Zdarsky and Kevin Maguire team up to send Harley and Ivy deep into the heart of the Fortress of Solitude!

  • Leah Williams and Natacha Bustos reveal Harley’s teenage past as a high-flying gymnast with vengeance on her mind!

  • Actor Paul Scheer joins co-writer Nick Giovannetti and artist Tom Reilly to send former Joker sidekicks Harley and Gaggy Gagsworthy on a heist that’s worth the risk…but can the pair walk out on their vendetta in 30 seconds flat when they feel the heat around the corner?

  • Letterer: AndWorld Design

  • Cover Artists: Bruno Redondo

  • Variant Cover Artists: Stanley Artgerm Lau; Guillem March; Kevin McGuire; Ivan Tao

  • Format: Anthology

  • Cover Price/Page Count: $4.99/40 pages

Harley returns for a second round of three-color craziness in Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #1 on shelves and digital platforms Tuesday, July 18, 2023, from DC Comics

Written by: Kelly Thompson, Ted Brandt, Ro Stein, Ryan Parrott.

Art by: Annie Wu, Red Brandt, Ro Stein, Luana Vecchio.

Covers by: Joelle Jones, Annie Wu.

Description: In this issue, Kelly Thompson makes her DC debut, collaborating with superstar Annie Wu on a tale of Harley’s attempts to escape her own origin story – with some begrudging magical help from Zatanna! Fan favorites Ro Stein and Ted Brandt throw Harley and her Legion of Doominals into the high-stakes Gotham Pet Show to go paw-to-paw with the beloved League of Super-Pets! And Rogue Sun writer Ryan Parrott joins with Russ Manning Award-Winner Luana Vecchio to serve up a story of Jim Gordon and Harley sharing a diner booth, but what brought these two here is more complicated than you’d think!

Pages: 40.

Price: $4.99.

Available: August 15.

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder #3

Three all-new short tales of Gotham’s most unpredictable antihero in only black, white, and red ink! In this issue: Superstar writer Gail Simone returns to DC with a hilarious story sending Harley Quinn to Rann, with Domino artist David Baldeón riding along on the zeta-beam! Monkey Meat and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles breakout Juni Ba teams up with writer Aditya Bidikar to give Harley the perfect cure for the breakup blues: a kitten. Plus, That Texas Blood hitmakers Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips tell a tale of twisted fate where Harleen Quinzel never fell for The Joker!

Creative Team

Writer : Gail Simone, Aditya Bidikar, Chris Condon
Artist: David Baldeón, Juni Ba, Jacob Phillips
Letterer: Ferran Delgado
Cover Artists: Cliff Chiang
Variant Cover Artist: Mirka Andolfo, Sanford Greene
Editor: Chris Conroy
Format: Limited Series
Cover Price/Page Count: $4.99/40 pages

Written by: Zoe Thorogood, Sean Lewis, Kyle Starks.

Art by: Zoe Thorogood, Hayden Sherman, Chris Schweizer.

Covers by: Joe Quinones, Chris Bachalo, David Talaski.

Description: Zoe Thorogood has Harley recruit seven girls who compete to be her sidekick, but their attempts to be like Harley give her a bit of an identity crisis! Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer reacquaint Harley with an old college friend who needs her help to get back at their mutual bully! And Sean Lewis and Hayden Sherman take Harley into the future, where an alien invasion might destroy the Earth, but more importantly, interrupt her favorite show!

Pages: 40.

Price: $4.99.

Available: Oct. 17

Written by: Bilquis Evely, Matheus Lopes, Justin Halpern, Speremint.

Art by: Bilquis Evely, Kath Lobo, Speremint.

Covers by: Sana Takeda, Warren Louw, David Nakayama.

Description: When the women of a medieval village reach their breaking point about their men’s abusive ways, they make a terrifying choice…to enter the woods and conjure the spirit of the Harlequin! Harley Quinn animated series executive producer Justin Halpern and rising star Kath Lobo let Harley loose on a prison transport plane, intent on punishing the villain who let out a stinky fart. And WebTOON creator Speremint shows what happens when Harley comes face-to-face with an internet impostor!

Pages: 40.

Price: $4.99.

Available: Nov. 21.