HEARTLESS #1 (Warren Ellis/ Tula Lotay)

Après la mini-série Suprême Blue Rose, le scénariste Warren Ellis et la dessinatrice Tula Lotay travailleront à nouveau ensemble sur la mini-série horrifique Heartless que publiera Image Comics dans le courant de l’année 2016.

D’après l’artiste, l’histoire suit une musicienne du nord de l’Angleterre qui commence à revivre certains évènements de son sombre passé. Mais avant de s’attaquer à ce projet, Lotay travaillera sur un numéro de The Wicked & The Divine qui paraitra en août.

Le site de l’éditeur: imagecomics.com

[quote]I really wanted to bring across the isolation of our main character. She’s on her own, traveling back to her family’s cabin. She needs to spend time evaluating her life and what direction she wants to take. She’s a musician, so she’s looking to figure out where she wants to be. She grew up in the woods and even though they were sometimes a scary place when she was a child they also offer solitude and a place to think.

In terms of style, I’d love to push the boundaries of sequential art, try and escape regular formats. I’m a big fan of what [Sergio] Toppi, [Bill] Sienkiewicz and [Dave] McKean have done in the past in terms of visual storytelling. I feel this is my first venture into really exploring the medium without any constraints, Warren and I can do whatever we want and that’s pretty exciting. I want to do something new and fresh.[/quote]