HELLBOY & THE B.P.R.D. : THE SEVEN WIVES CLUB (Mike Mignola / Adam Hughes)

Après Krampusnacht, Mike Mignola et Adam Hughes préparent un nouveau one-shot Hellboy intitulé « The Seven Wives Club ».
Sortie le 11 décembre !

« This ghostly yarn features Hellboy coming to the aid of a young girl whose ghost hunt in Savannah, GA goes terribly wrong. Things go from bad to worse, as they often do, when a visit to an abandoned medical school reveals sinister layers to a grisly long-ago murder. »

« The Victorians used to read and tell ghost stories during the Christmas season, » said Mignola. « We might not be reading by candlelight these days, but I do like a good ghost story during the holiday season, especially when there are stolen cadavers, vengeful spirits, and art by Adam Hughes. »

Source : www.comicscontinuum.com

La couverture variante par Mike Mignola :

Damn Adam Hugues * _ *

Le one-shot sortira finalement le 11 novembre 2020.