Le scénariste Ed Brisson et le dessinateur Roland Boschi animeront les aventures des héros canadiens de l’univers Heroes Reborn dans le one-shot Weapon X and Final Flight. Sortie en juin !

« In a world without the Avengers, the Squadron Supreme protects and defends the interests of America! But where does that leave a country like Canada? The Great White North is now a wasteland. Their forests are scorched. Their provinces annexed. Their people barely surviving. Who will stand up and protect them from the supremacy of the Squadron? Weapon X and Final Flight, that’s who! »

Ed Brisson :

« After a battle between the two, Canada is left in ruins. Alpha Flight’s roster has been decimated and millions of Canadians killed. Logan here is much like the Logan we all know and love. He’s the best at what he does and what he does in this book is seeking revenge. The Squadron has killed everyone Logan cares about and he’s not about to let it lie. This book has been a great deal of fun to work on. I get to play around in the moral grey area of superhero battles and their fallout and don’t think folks are prepared for what we have in store for them. »

Boschi plus Wolvie = ok vendu

Blackest Flight, ça aurait été rigolo.