HOMIES #1-4 (David Gonzalez, Elliot Serrano / Andrew Huerta)

[quote]HOMIES #1

Written by: David Gonzalez, Elliot Serrano.

Art by: Andrew Huerta.

Covers by: Andrew Huerta, David Gonzalez, Michael Adams.

Description: It’s time to go back to the barrío with the Homies! The surprise hit of the 90’s is back in a brand-new comic book series co-plotted by original Homies creator David Gonzalez and Adventures of Grumpy Cat writer Elliott Serrano, featuring all-new stories and never-before-seen characters.

With art and covers by Andrew Huerta, Homies #1 features the long-awaited wedding of Hollywood and Gata. It’s been a day that she has imagined for her entire life, but now Gata has to deal with everyone trying to ruin it! What will she do when she hears the whispers about Hollywood and his womanizing ways? Will the wedding still take place when everything that can go wrong actually does? Is Hollywood destined to be a bachelor for life, or will Gata finally get him to settle down? It’s a day that will be full of love, laughs and heartbreak. But for who?

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Oct. 5. [/quote]

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[quote]HOMIES #2

Written by: David Gonzalez, Elliot Serrano.

Art by: Andrew Huerta.

Cover by: Andrew Huerta.

Description: When budget cuts threaten to put an end to one of the most vital programs at the Homies Community Center, Hollywood and Big Loco recruit two of the world’s greatest Mexican luchadores to help put on a fundraiser! But what will they do when the good guy, Macho Mascara, gets injured before the big match? And his opponent, “El Diablo,” demands payment up front? Which of the Homies will step into the ring to save the neighborhood?

Pages: 32.

Price: $3.99.

In stores: Nov. 7. [/quote]


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David Gonzales and Elliott Serrano
Andrew Huerta
Andrew Huerta
Dynamite Entertainment

Barrio Quien Sabe is full of some of the most colorful, oddball characters in the world, but what about one from out of it? The Homies go back in time as they remember the arrival of Alien Ese, the illegal alien from outer space! Starting with his travels across the galaxy, to crash landing in Roswell, New Mexico, to escaping Area 51 and finally hitchhiking his way to L.A., the story of Alien Ese tells us that no matter where you’re from, if you’re an immigrant looking for a better life, you’re always welcome in the barrio![/quote]






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