HOWARD THE HUMAN #1 (Skottie Young / Jim Mahfood)

Marvel annonce Howard the Human, un one-shot retournant sens dessus-dessous les origines de Howard The Duck. Décrit comme “Roger Rabbit labellisé par Marvel”, cette histoire de Skottie Young (Rocket Racoon, Giant Size Little Marvel: AVX) et Jim Mahfood (Miami Vice: Remix) suit les enquêtes de Howard, unique humain de la ville animalière Quack City.

Sortie prévue en août.

[quote]The pitch is … What is the pitch? [Laughs] Howard is not in a man’s world. Howard is the only human that lives in a world full of animals. This is a one-shot, so there’s a challenge. I think one-shots are far more challenging than a full-blown mini-series or on-going. You really have to tell a tale in a very condensed amount of time and make sure that everybody has fun. You don’t waste too much time on this or that.

So, Howard the Human is really just a day in the life of a private detective human in an animal world and what that involves. It’s about a guy who doesn’t really enjoy his life that much, because he’s such an outcast. There are things that he wants to enjoy that he can’t while living in an animal world, like eating eggs for breakfast. Because in a world of all animals they don’t really allow that. He would do anything to just be able to wake up and have some eggs and bacon. In a world of all animals, that’s kind of cannibalism. He can’t do that. There’s that, and the other part of the pitch is that I’ve got a secret weapon and his name is Jim Mahfood. [/quote]


Ci-dessous, trois pages de Howard the Human #1 suivies de la couverture variante par Aaron Conley:



(W) Skottie Young (A/CA) Jim Mahfood

Spend a day with Howard, a private investigator and the only human living in city full of animals. But not, like, criminals and lowlifes. We're talking elephants, apes, ducks and kitty cats. Catching a case, grinding a few gears, dodging some bullets and almost getting killed by an anthropomorchic monstrosity. It's just another Monday for Howard the Human brought to you by Skottie Young (ROCKET RACCOON) and Jim Mahfood (MIAMI VICE REMIX).

Rated T+

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