HULK ANNUAL #1 (Monty Nero / Ross, Laming, Goddard)

Après Amazing X-Men Annual #1, le scénariste Monty Nero (Death Sentence) s’occupera du premier Annual de la nouvelle série Hulk en collaboration avec les dessinateurs Luke Ross, Marc Laming et Pat Goddard.

Hulk Annual #1 résoudra le mystère de Patricia Wolman, une des assistantes scientifiques que Bruce Banner a spécifiquement choisi pour leurs histoires personnelles et qui entrainera Hulk a prendre le parti de l’humanité.

Hulk Annual #1 sortira en septembre.

[quote]It’s instigated by Patricia Wolman, who’s been assisting Banner for a couple of years. In resolving her arc we uncover some stunning facts about what’s really been going on these last years, and see a villain evolve who can shake the earth to its core. This creature’s gonna be around for some time, and without being stereotypically villainous they have a world view that doesn’t mesh with mankind’s dominance. So Hulk gets into a battle where he has to take humanity’s side, and argue the merits of our civilization, while dealing with his personal feelings on the threat. And if he loses the argument, the battle, he’s toast – because this creature is just as powerful as he is.

We’ve got Patty Wolman and Dr Zadian and the epic new villain I mentioned, and a brand new Hulk that Gerry [Duggan] has cooked up. That’s a pretty potent recipe for a story. And it’s resolved in 30 pages, so you get a lot of bang for your buck.[/quote]


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[quote]Hulk Annual #1
Story by Monty Nero
Art by Luke Ross, Le Beau Unerwood, Patrick Goddard, Marc Laming
Colors by Jordan Boyd
Letters by VC - Cory Petit
Cover by Mike Del Mundo
Publisher Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date Wed, September 17th, 2014
• Someone close to HULK dies
• What impact will this have on one of the most dangerous super beings on the planet?
• And how does a ghost from the past threaten to haunt the world of the Hulk forever?[/quote]