ICEMAN #1-2 (Sina Grace / Nathan Stockman)

(Le Doc) #1

Après The Unstoppable Wasp, Marvel donne une nouvelle chance à un autre titre récemment annulé.

Scénariste du précédent volume, Sina Grace relancera la série Iceman en compagnie du dessinateur Nathan Stockman (Amazing Spider-Man : Renew Your Vows). Sa première histoire verra Bobby Drake faire équipe avec Bishop pour enquêter sur une vague de meurtres qui frappe les Morlocks.

Iceman #1 sortira en septembre.

Sina Grace : “I’m amazed that the series connected with an audience so much that we defied odds and got another arc. The whole process of writing the first one, I was focused on doing my best work and crafting a series that sat well as a standalone…I had blinders on. Apathy is such a huge force in this world, so when the letters kept coming after the final issue—in my DMs, on Tumblr, to the Marvel offices, at comic conventions—that was when I had to ask, ‘Is this the impact other Super Hero books have on their readers?’

“My heart warmed when gay Twitter stood by my choice to have Bobby irrationally want to move across the country for a guy—they saw that same insane puppy love in themselves. When the New York Times article hit, that’s when I was like, Oh, we did something special, and people took notice. Tight.

“TL; DR: It feels pretty chill.”

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(KabFC) #2

ca c’est un titre de seconde zone qui ne sert qu’à occupé les étalages Balckie.

(Blackiruah) #3

SI c’est en kiosque xD

(Le Doc) #4

Recherches sur le personnage par Nathan Stockman :

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(FC powaaaa) #5

C’est une redite de District X ?

(Le Doc) #6

Et ce sera en fait une mini-série en 5 épisodes.

(Le Doc) #7

Dans le numéro 3…Iceman and his Amazing Friends !


(Le Doc) #8

Iceman #1

Sina Grace (W), Nathan Stockman et Federico Blee (A)
Cover by W. Scott Forbes Variant Cover by Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover by Skottie Young
Iceman is back! Which is good, because someone is hunting the Morlocks for sport. Now it’s up to Bobby Drake to prevent another potential Mutant Massacre. But who’s behind this horrific hunt? You won’t believe it if we tell you! Guest-starring Bishop!
32 pages, $3.99.

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(Le Doc) #9

Iceman #2

Sina Grace (W), Nathan Stockman, Federico Blee (A)

  • Guest-starring Emma Frost, the White Queen!
  • When it comes to Bobby Drake and Emma, the White Queen has always held the upper hand.
  • So what trouble is Emma in that has her pleading for his help?
    32 pages, $3.99.

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